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MSR Evo Ascent Snowshoes

Video by MSR
MSR Evo Ascent snowshoes deliver dependable performance on varied terrains. Durable, molded frames and integrated steel rails offer traction and built-in heel lifters make steep climbs easier.

MSR Evo Ascent Snowshoes Video

The MSR Evo Ascent snowshoe provides legendary dependability and all terrain performance. As its name might suggest, it is part of the MSR Ascent series of snowshoes which feature our most secure bindings, unrivaled traction, and modular floatation. Traction is the cornerstone of performance in any snowshoe and at MSR we take traction very seriously. In the Evo Ascent snowshoe traction is achieved by have a unibody frame which is a fully molded frame on the snowshoe with two parallel integrated traction blades attached to the bottom of the shoe. They have a very aggressive edge profile which will cut into the snow and provide you traction in all directions. Three straps come across the front of your boot to provide a very secure fit. One strap across the back locks the heel in place and gives you an extremely secure binding. These straps will not absorb water so they are not going to freeze so you can use them in the coldest temperatures and they can be operated very simply with a gloved or mittened hand. The free floating pivoting binding allows for a very normal gate without allows the binding to over rotate. The Evo Ascent incorporates a heel lift mechanism called a televator. The idea behind the televator is to lift the heel so that you are in better position to be more stable and provide better traction on that ascent, as well as minimizing calf strain by allowing your calf to only have to move a portion of the distance that it would normally have to move. At MSR we feel that it is important to use the smallest snowshoe deck size possible. The reason for that is because it provides you with more agility and greater efficiency when walking on packed powder trails which is really where we end up most of the time. There are those situations where we end up in really fluffy light powder and in those situations you need more surface area. Fortunately with the MSR Evo Ascent you can incorporate a modular tail assembly, which is sold separately, so you can increase the surface area on the shoe for more floatation in that deeper powder.