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Mountain Hardwear Men's Way2Cool Short Sleeve Tee

The Mountain Hardwear Men’s Way2Cool Short Sleeve T uses Cool.Q ZERO active cooling technology to help your body minimize heat and maximize energy during aerobic activities.

Mountain Hardwear Men's Way2Cool Short Sleeve Tee

I am wearing Mount HardWear’s Way2Cool short sleeve tee, a wicking, light weight shirt that is great for running and it is great for hiking and back packing. It has got some really unique technology built into the shirt that actually enables the shirt to help cool you down in the warmest of temperatures. The fabric itself on the Way2Cool fabric is a wicking fabric. So, like many running shirts on the market, helps to move moisture, again, keep you cool, keep you dry. You can see some micro climate zoning here on the shirt. As I turn you will see some perforations in there. Again, in high heat build up areas to help to move warm air and keep you cool. Underneath, though, is where that technology comes in to play that makes this shirt so unique. I turned the shirt inside out here to give you a little better look at the micro climate zoning and certainly the cool cue zero as well. This panel with the actual perforation is an example of an actual vented panel on the side of the shirt. On the back, what would run across the back of your shirt you can see these small circles, tiny circles here that contain that cool cue zero. They are reactive. So when you body begins to heat up, they react in such a way that there is actually a cooling effect that spreads throughout the fabric. It really is like having your very own built in air conditioning might be a stretch, but cer-tainly a cooling effect that is going on, again, in those areas of your body that tend to build up the most heat during aerobic activity. Again, with its light weight design and its own built in cooling system, the Mountain Hardwear Way2Cool short sleeve t-shirt is a great go to for running, for hiking, for any type of warm weather aerobic activities.