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Mountain Hardwear SuperMega UL 2 Tent

Video by Backcountry Edge
Catering to fast-and-light backcountry travelers, the Mountain Hardwear SuperMega UL 2 backpacking tent offers freestanding geometry and full weather protection at just 2 pounds, 2 ounces!

Mountain Hardwear SuperMega UL 2 Tent Video

This is the Mountain Hardwear SuperMega UL 2. This tent is all about minimalist and streamlined design while still giving you great protection from the elements. This tent has a single door on the front. You can see her you have got a nice D shaped opening to climb in and out of the tent. It is ... looks like a two pole structure. It is actual-ly a single pole with a hub design. It is really easy to put together and it is very easy to figure out which ends of the poles go where. Mountain Hardwear is using DAC feather light MSL poles so you have got great con-struction as well as lightweightness and durability in the poles. And you can see there is an easy clip system that attaches the tent body to the poles themselves. So I am sitting inside the SuperMega UL2. You can see I can sit up here. You know, my head is not touching the ceiling. For two people in here, probably going to have to move over and lean up against the sides a little bit. You do have a single pocket for storage here as well as a single loop at the top here that would be great for hanging a head lamp or a lantern from. So even though this tent is a pretty small, minimal design, you know, I am sitting up in here and I can move in and out of the door pretty easily without having to hunch and climb through it. So I think even though it is smaller, it does offer a design that allows for better movement than some tents I have seen of this size and weight. Mountain Hardwear does us this ... it has this pole kind of extend up here and connect into this hub, which really draws this side of the tent out, gives you that extra headspace at the top to move in and out of the door. And you will see when we put the fly on it, it is also going to give you a dry pitch door feature. So we want to take a look here at the connection point for the poles to the tent body, the stake and the fly as well. It is a little different than most other models or what you are typically seeing. You have got a small hole in this plastic piece that the tent hole fits into and you can see you have got a larger tab here. And what that is, is it is for the fly. So here is the fly. You have got this really light weight quick adjustment buckle here. It works really smooth. And you have got just kind of a little toggle here that is going to slide through there. And then note those two flat edges against it. And when you snug this down, that kind of increased enough tension there so that is how the fly is going to connect in to that buckle system. And then, of course, you have got your piece of cord here that goes out to your stake. Another kind of unique feature that Mount Hardwear has added here is on either side of the long side of the tent you have got a little tab in here. And connected to the fly where it matches up. There is a hook that connects into that, pulls up the fly and you can pull the whole thing out when you stake it out to the side. So not only are you going to get really good air flow under the sides of the tent here that work with that mesh canopy we saw earlier, but it really holds the floor of the tent out so you don’t have that issue where the fabric on the floor is kind of like bunching and gathering around inside the tent. So here is the Super Mega UL 2 with the fly on. You have got eight points to stake this tent out with and based on the shelter being light weight and small, I would probably go ahead and use all eight of those points. You do have guide lines here, one on each side with plenty of cord as well to go ahead and stake that out to trees if you were going to be in a really bad weather or high windy situation. So I wanted to give you a look at that drip free entrance I mentioned earlier. You can see where that long main pole comes out and hangs over the door. It clips into a little hub there on the tent body that it really pulls the fly out over the door. So if it is raining and you have got the door open, the rain is going to fall down, but it is not actually going to fall into the interior of the tent which is something that, depending on the design of the tent, can frequently happen. Just kind of an extra bonus. It is a great design. It improves the head room there as well. And you can see you have got a small vestibule. Not much room, but you can probably get a pack and some boots in there or just a couple of sets of boots and if you have two folks, you may have to store your packs inside this tent. So that is the Mountain Hardwear Super Mega UL 2. The tent weighs in at two pounds, two ounces. So super lightweight. It is a great shelter. Good protection from the elements of anybody who is looking for a really nice package that doesn’t weigh much, but does need that weather protection. There is a footprint that is optional. It is sold separately. If you purchase the footprint, this tent does have a light weight pitch setup which means you can leave that tent body at home and just pitch the poles with the fly and the footprint to have an even lighter weight option. The Super Mega UL 2 does come with a stuff sack. I just wanted to give you a look at how small and compact this tent packs up to.