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Mountain Hardwear Men's Super Light Plasmic Jacket

Video by Backcountry Edge
Offering ultra-lightweight protection with dry-wicking waterproof/breathable fabrics, the Mountain Hardwear Men’s Super Light Plasmic Jacket sheds rain while maintaining maximum breathability and comfort.

Mountain Hardwear Men's Super Light Plasmic Jacket

I am wearing the Mountain Hardwear men’s super light Plasmic jacket. You have got an ultra light weight jacket, great water proof breathable protection, also a wicking element to this jacket makes it a really sweet back packing or outdoor option. The super light Plasmic jacket is constructed of Mountain Hardwear’s innovative dry Q evap fabric. So a 15 denier fabric, a very light weight fabric, but also durable fabric as well. The lining does a recall, really good job of moving moisture, so wicking moisture should you heat up or be in humid conditions, obviously expected when you are putting this on to ward off rain. And you do have really nice water proof protection here. It doesn't feel clammy, that lining, like I have found on lesser jackets along the way. So great breathability on this jacket while also confidently protecting you from the elements. Standard fit to the jacket, so certainly the expectation that you are wearing this over top of something else. It is an outer wear piece. Likely not bulky layers, so a t-shirt, kind of low profile base layers beneath the jacket. You could also put something over top of it if you needed extra warmth. As far as adjustability is concerned, you do have a single point of adjustability here on the hem. Also adjustability on the cuffs. You have got some Velcro there. You need it longer great, if you want to cinch it in, you are able to do that, because of that Velcro. Also a hooded jacket, certainly, and there are points of adjustability at the rear of the hood and also here alongside the chin. Again, we mentioned great breathability on the jacket, so much so that Mountain Hardwear has not integrated pit zips on this jacket. It keeps the weight down so only eight ounces for the super light Plasmic jacket. The pocketing. You do have two pockets right here. They are also mesh back. So if you do want to know that there is a little venting there or in really, really extremely warm conditions, there is ability to enhance that moisture movement that is already happening with the fabrication because of those mesh backers. Eight ounce weight, super packable jacket, great water proof breathable protection, all those factors combine to make the Mountain Hardwear men’s super light Plasmic jacket a great option for back packing.