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Mountain Hardwear Canyon Shirt S/S

Video by Backcountry Edge
The Mountain Hardwear Canyon Shirt S/S is a lightweight, quick drying short-sleeved option for hikers and backpackers with UPF 50 sun protection.

Mountain Hardwear Canyon Shirt S/S Video

This is the Mountain Hardwear Canyon Shirt with short sleeves. It’s a really lightweight nylon material designed to breathe super well and move moisture quickly. It excels in any sort of hot environment, especially in direct sunlight. This shirt has a UPF 50 sun rating as well. You’ve got buttons down the front. On the top right you’ve got a zippered pocket. It’s quite large and you’ve also got a Velcro pocket that goes in sideways on the left hand side. Inside this shirt across the back shoulders is lined with a mesh material so it wants to breathe really well. Flipping it over, you can see that this matches up with the venting system that Mountain Hardwear has built in. So the top yoke of this shirt is a separate piece of fabric that’s connected here on the sides and you’ve just got this open mesh material underneath so it’s going to be really breezy and cool. They do the same thing on the side of the shirt all the way under the arm of the sleeve, you get this open mesh almost like a see-through panel. So it’s going to ventilate really well. Another great feature of this shirt, if you’re going to be out in the sun, is this collar. You can stand your collar up once, it’s got a piece of fabric to fold it up a third time and it’s got some stiffness to it so it wants to stand up and protect the back of your neck from the sun and keep you from getting sun burned. That is Mountain Hardwear Canyon Shirt with short sleeves. It’s perfect for backpacking, hiking, fishing or anything in hot weather or any activities in direct sun.