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Marmot Women's ROM Jacket (Old Style)

Video by Backcountry Edge
The Marmot Women’s ROM Jacket is a do-it-all soft shell that combines GORE WINDSTOPPER and Marmot M2 soft shell fabrics for great breathability and wind protection.

Marmot Women's ROM Jacket Video

I'm wearing the Women's Rom Jacket by Marmot. This very versatile soft shell piece that's going to function exceptionally well in the Spring and Fall where weather can be temperamental. Might be too little too cool but it's not exactly freezing and you don't need a lot of insulation. ROM stands for range of motion. This jacket has a lot of stretch and movement to it so it’s going to be really comfortable for anybody who is wearing it for just general hiking or day to day wear but it's going to be exceptional for those that are doing some cross country skiing or climbing where they are looking for good mobility and a full reach all the way through the jackets shoulders and the arms. So the fabrication of this jacket is fairly technical. You've got two different types of fabric here that are making the women's Rom jacket what it is. First of all we're going to take a look at this darker green color. This is Marmot's M2 soft shell fabric so it's really stretchy offers a lot of great movement and excellent breathability. The other fabrication here that you see in this bright green color down through the chest arms and sleeves across some of the back, this is Gore Windstoppe. So it's a completely windproof fabric and all of the key areas where you are going to want some sort of wind protection. Everywhere you see that darker green color where the M2 soft shell is, you've got high breath ability in all those key areas where there is a lot of heat output when you are active. Let's take a look at some of the features. It's got a full front zip on the jacket here. It's got a little bit of fuzzy lining on the inside of those pockets and you've got that Windstoppe front very well clean design on the inside of this jacket. Nothing to sag or get in the way, easy to use zipper. You do have a chest pocket here. There is concealed zipper closure as well as two zippered pockets down here for your hands and there is a draw chord hem on this jacket. You’ve got two adjustments and they can be worked from inside the jacket so there are chords inside there, you can just give them a little tag and it cinches that piece up around the waist without having to take your hands out of the pockets. Final feature here on this jacket is going to be the hood. It's fairly minimal it's not something that going to fit very well over a helmet though it can easily be worn under a helmet and you've got good adjustability, a full zip up the front here. As well you've got adjustment here on the side of the face with toggles. It's going to tighten us in and you do get that adjustment piece on the back as well that cinches it around the side so you've going to get a great fit out of the hood. There is a little bit of a stiff and brim here just enough to keep the sun out of your eyes or a little bit of drizzle if it is coming down. Because of the technical fabrication of this jacket it is not going to be 100% wind proof and it is not water proof. It is water resistant and it breaths extremely well. It will shed, drizzle and slow. The women's Rom Jacket is a very versatile soft shell piece and while it is suitable to be worn on a day to day basis, it is really going to excellent in cool weather high rubric activities like cross country, skiing, climbing back packing and mountain biking.