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Marmot Stormlight 3P Backpacking Tent

Video by Backcountry Edge
The Marmot Stormlight 3P tent is a durable, lightweight 3-season shelter offering a great mix of features for value-minded backpackers and campers.

Marmot Stormlight 3P Backpacking Tent Video

The Marmot Stormlight 3P tent is an excellent tent for three season camping and backpacking. It offers excellent protection in the elements. The unique pole structure offers a lot of livable space inside the tent for three backpackers or two people that want more space. A unique feature about this Stormlight series of tents is that all of the seams in the rain flay are actually welded. This offers a lot more waterproof protection than traditionally sewn seams. So if you can imagine a heavy rain and water kind of building up and pooling at the stitch lines, a welded rain fly eliminates that pooling of the water. As well there is bonded guide out points and anywhere that there is contact on the rain fly they are actually bonded and welded as well. That offers a little bit more durability for the guide out points and just overall waterproof protection on the tent. This tent has two large D-shaped doors and two vestibules. It allows for plenty of room for three backpackers to store themselves and their gear. One of the vestibules is 10 square feet and the other one is five square feet. The pole structure of the tent is unique in that the ridge pole extends a little bit further than the actual edge of the tent. And what this does is it makes the side walls vertical. If you can imagine at the head and at the foot where your feet might hit the wall of the tent because it tapers in, this really brings that out even farther than vertical so you have more space at your head and at your feet. As well, the pole that is perpendicular to the ridge pole, this brings the sidewalls of the tent also on a more vertical angle. So this being a three person tent, you really do have more livable space where you can sit up and just enjoy the time inside the tent more. Setting up the tent is really easy with its color coded clip constructions. And this tent can even be pitched as a bare bones set up where you just pitch the rain fly, the poles and he footprint together and leave the tent body behind. The foot print is sold separately. This tent also has a bath tub style floor which means that the waterproof floor comes up a couple of inches into the body of the tent. The stitching also has a cantenary cut which brings the seams above the ground so that you are not bringing water in through the seams. The seam isn’t actually touching the ground. The dimensions of the tent allow for three backpackers to easily get a standard 20 inch wide sleeping mat. However, if you are used to having more room inside of a tent, it is also a good option for two people. The weight also doesn’t put it in an ultra light category by any means. But it is light enough for back packing, especially if the weight is divided between two or three people. The Marmot Stormlight 3P, durable waterproof protection, livable interior space, perfect for your next backpacking adventure.