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Marmot Stormlight 2P Backpacking Tent

Video by Backcountry Edge
The Marmot Stormlight 2P tent is a durable, lightweight 3-season shelter offering a great mix of features for value-minded backpackers and campers.

Marmot Stormlight 2P Backpacking Tent Video

I am standing next to the Marmot, Stormlight two person tent. The standout feature of this tent is definitely its waterproof protection. So you have got excellent waterproof protection in the rain fly and in the floor of the tent. The rain fly is actually most of the seams are welded instead of your traditionally sewn seams. So if you can imagine all the holes that are put into the waterproof material when it is sewn together, these welded seams are going to eliminate water getting in through those seams. There is also bonded guide out points. So anywhere where there is, you know, a guide out line on the tent or you have this little breathable window right here. It is actually bonded to the rain fly. So that gives excellent waterproof protection. The rain fly itself is a 75 D polyester fabric which is really durable, really bond proof. And the floor of the tent is actually 150 D. So you have got really durable, really bond proof materials there. So I am sitting inside the tent. We have got the rain fly rolled back a little bit. And there are two doors and two vestibules so this full coverage vestibule out here is going to keep your gear dry. Now this is the two person version. So there is certainly enough livable space inside for two campers and two backpackers to store themselves and their gear. This is not an ultra light weight option by any means, but if you are splitting up the weight between two people it is certainly a back packable option. Going just some little features here. There is a little breathable window right here. And, you know, when the weather is bad you need to kind of batten that down. You have got the waterproof protection. But for inside the tent you can get a little bit more breathability here by just opening that up. So there is one on this side and there is also one on the other side. We have got the rain fly off of the tent just so you can see this nice breathable mesh. It makes the tent light weight. And, again, just to mention this bathtub style floor. You have got this really durable, 150D fabric in the floor and that comes up a little bit into the body of the tent. So you do have that, again, waterproof protection in this Stormlight. We have got the big D shaped door open so you can see how big that door opens, easy in, easy out. The pole structure is pretty interesting for this tent. These orange poles, you have got one on this side and one on that side. And then you have this ridge line pole here with a perpendicular pole on the top. So you have essentially three different poles for the tent. And it is a clip design so you don’t have sleeves to mess with. And with the rain fly and the poles you can definitely set up what Marmot calls their bare bones set up. So if you have the footprint that is sold separately and the poles and the rain fly you can set that up first. If it is raining really hard you can set it up and then for the body of the tent using these clips. Just going to the pole structure here, this pole, this orange pole that is perpendicular opens up the side walls of the tent to be more vertical. So that gives you a lot more livable, interior space in the tent, more head room. Again, if you are spending a lot of time in this tent it definitely makes it more livable. Going down to just the edge of the tent and the clip design here, we are going to take a closer look at that. There is an interesting clip design on each side of the tent where these two poles, orange and the silver pole meet. And this makes a really secure lock in here with the tent. So, you know, I can see this holding up pretty well against wind, against rain. But you have a really secure hold in there, clips into place. And then there is just another reinforcement on there. So that is on both sides. And it just really makes a nice lock in there. The design of the head and the foot of this tent is really smart. Basically Marmot has taken this ridge pole and extended it out farther than the actual sides of the tent. So what this does is opens up the headroom and the foot room and almost creates this box here on the head and the foot of the tent. So when you are laying down your feet actually have a lot more room. You don’t have to worry about brushing up against the sides of the tent and as well in your head. So you have a lot more, a lot more livable space is, you know, what I keep saying about this tent. Just the way the pole structure is designed it really brings the inside of the tent out. And it is just a really smart design. With its durable, water proof protection, livable interior space and secure pole structure, you can be confident on your next back packing adventure. This is the Marmot Stormlight two person tent.