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Marmot Snowdrift 3-in-1 Glove

Video by Backcountry Edge
A nylon shell with GORE-TEX insert and a removable Polar Fleece liner combine to make the Marmot Snowdrift 3-1 Glove warm and weatherproof.

Marmot Snowdrift 3-in-1 Glove Video

We’re here today with Marmot’s Snowdirft 3-in1 Glove. This is a Gore-tex shelled glove that is going to excel in cold weather. It’s in the low 30’s today so I’m loving the warmth that is coming from these gloves. Like I said, it is a 3-in-1 glove with a gauntlet at the wrist, with one-handed adjustability; you’ve got an inner liner made of soft fleece and there is insulation built into the shell itself. So you’ve got an insulated shell that does have a Gore-tex lining in it which gives you a good, warm, waterproof glove. The palms of the Snowdrift 3-in-1 glove are a nice, grippy material so you do keep a good amount of dexterity and the ability to use your hands in cold weather. They also have a nice keeper cord so that you don’t lose the shells when you’ve taken the shells off. On the back side of the thumb you see this softer, black material here. That’s actually a snot wipe that you have on the back of either thumb. When it’s really cold and your nose is running you’ve got a place to go with it. It’s pretty simple when you get right down to it. It’s everything that a glove should be. It’s warm, waterproof and you’ve got good dexterity in this piece. The addition of the removable liners really makes this a nice combination.