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Marmot PreCip Jacket 2013

Video by Backcountry Edge
The Marmot PreCip Jacket is a lightweight and budget-friendly option for hikers and backpackers seeking reliable protection from wet or windy weather

Marmot PreCip Jacket Video

The PreCip Jacket from Marmot is probably one of the best known rain jackets on the market. It's been around for about 10 years running. Marmot has made very few changes to it over that time. It was so well done. It's a lightweight, waterproof breathable, very packable rain coat. So some features on the PreCip Jacket that make it perfect for hiking and backpacking as well as around-town use. We're going to start with this main front zipper that you have. You've got some nice Velcro closures here to hold that shut. You've got a snap at the bottom. It's very secure, you have a full zipper up and down the jacket and one of the things I'd like to note here is that Marmot does put a double storm flap on this front zipper. It's excellent at keeping water out, especially if you've got driving rain blowing sideways. On the side of the jacket, you've got two pack pockets, hand pockets. One here and another here with a Velcro tab to keep that shut for you. Under each arm, you've got a pit zip. This is going to offer more ventilation if it's hot, humid out that sort of thing. Works on a single zipper, gives you plenty of ventilation. You can still open that pit zip up even if it's raining, it's under the arm, it's not going to let water come in. On each cuff, you've got soft elastic with a Velcro tab that allows for adjustment so you can cinch that down as well or open it up if you need a little more ventilation. The PreCip Jacket uses a proprietary waterproof breathable technology developed by Marmot called PreCip Dry Touch. You can take a look on the inside of the jacket here and get a good look at it. It's a very soft fabric, it's got a little bit of a patterning on here. So this is a waterproof breathable. It is reinforced with ceramic particles that make it a good bit durable. And you can see the taped seaming here that Marmot's done all through the jacket. So this is where you're getting that waterproof from with your full seam in here. The fabric itself is waterproof and allows for great breathability. So one of the most fantastic features on the PreCip Jacket is the hood. It has a 3-point adjustment system as well as a stiffened brim. So here's this nice brim. One of these points of adjustment is on the back here. You'll see a little tab. It kind of hangs off the back of the hood and there's a Velcro tab here. So by cinching this down and you can see it kind of takes up some fabric there, it pulls the hood back off the top of your head. So if you don't want this hanging over your face, maybe it's not that rainy or wet or windy you can kind of pull this back a little bit. If it's a really blustery day or the rain is coming down in sheets, you're probably going to want to loosen that up all the way and just let that tab hang out there and let the hood come all the way up over your face then you get this deep hood with this stiffened brim this will really keep you sheltered from wind and rain. The other two adjustment points on this hood are going to be in the front here. Marmot's done a great job of tucking them away. You'll notice you do not see them across the front of the jacket. There's nothing there to get caught, slap you in the face when it's windy, anything like that. They're tucked away underneath here inside those storm flaps, you're going to see a cord lock on either side with a draw cord you can pull. Its going to run through the hood. And you can make some adjustments to fit around the face there. That lays inside those storm flaps so again, nothing on the inside of the hood either that's going to rub against your chin. You've got a nice piece of a soft DriClime material that Marmot uses against your chin and you do have a stand up collar inside the jacket that's going to give you protection if you're not wearing that hood as well as you can take this hood and roll it up, use that little tab there, and you'll see on the back of that stand up collar here, there's a little tab, kind of roll that through, attach it to the Velcro and that kind of cinches that hood down so across the back of the jacket it's basically a really quick and easy way to roll your hood up, get it out of the way and use that collar instead. At the base of the PreCip Jacket, you have a draw cord hem runs the entire hem of the jacket and you've got a single handed draw cord toggle here to cinch that down. Another feature on the PreCip Jacket that's pretty nice is it does stuff into its own pocket. So here you take a look at this pocket, unzip it, you see a second zipper on the inside. This means, along with this little attachment toggle, that this is the pocket the jacket will stuff into. Then that internal zipper becomes your external zipper. Go ahead zip it up. That's about the size it's going to be and you've got a little tab here if you want to hook it to something and attach it to a pack, but it makes it quite packable and easy to fit in a suitcase or a backpack.