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Marmot Men's Spire Jacket

The Marmot Men’s Spire Jacket is a feature-rich, waterproof/breathable GORE-Tex shell designed to work hard in extreme winter conditions and keep you comfortable no matter what.

Marmot Men's Spire Jacket Video

I have got on Marmot’s Spire jacket. This three layer Gore hard shell is designed for al-pine climbing, for skiing and for snow sports. The Spire jacket is an uninsulated piece, so it is not going to grant any warmth and isn’t designed to do so. It is cut in such a manner it expects to be worn over top of other layers. So you can put an insulated puffy jacket beneath this or any number of other layers. Where it does shine is in terms of weather protection. You have got that waterproof breathable gortex construction throughout, seam taped, again, throughout the jacket and just designed to shed any kind of nasty weather you might encounter. I do want to touch on some of the weather proof or weather protective features that are also ideally designed for snow sports starting with the hood. It is obviously a very sizable hood, a nice wire brim here to give it shape keeps precipitation from reaching your face and it anticipates your wearing a helmet beneath it. So that is why you are seeing such a sizable offering. Various points of adjustability on that hood to really cinch it in so you can get it to fit a little more snugly without the helmet, but, again, expand that room when necessary. I am going to open up the jacket from the bottom. There is a two way zipper on this jacket which is really nice in that it can give you some venting capabilities, too. But wanted to show you that there is a snow skirt in the jacket here so it keeps spin drift and snow from Migrating in and underneath the jacket, so a nice feature there. And it can be zipped out entirely and taken off when you don’t need that feature. As you might expect from a hard shell for cold weather that, you know, anticipates you wearing gloves, nice long sleeves on this jacket. You could run gloves over top of them if you needed to as low profile as the fabric is. There is Velcro cuffs so you can dial in the fit of those sleeves. Keep it from drifting up on you. Also dual points of hem adjustabil-ity, one on each side so you can cinch that jacket in at the bottom. Moving on to pocketing you do have two front hand pockets. There is also one small ad-ditional zippered mesh pocket on the interior of the jacket. There is also some laser drill-ing on the interior of those pockets. So while it can aid in venting if you do heat up on the slopes or, you know, wherever you might be during your winter activities. Allows things to breathe a little bit. You just leave those zippers open. In addition to that are actual pit zips on the jacket so that really enhances air flow and allows warm air to escape from the jacket. So the Spire Jacket from Marmot, weather proof gortech protection and all mountain fea-tures that really make it an nice winter shell.