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Marmot Limestone 4P 2013 Camping Tent

Video by Backcountry Edge
Built for 3-season use, the Marmot Limestone 4P family camping tent offers ample interior space, excellent ventilation and reliable weather protection.

Marmot Limestone 4P Camping Tent Video

The Limestone 4 is a very spacious family camping tent from Marmot. It has a lot of nice features and access, so let's take a look at some of the finer points of the Limestone 4. On the front side, we've got a nice-sized vestibule. You can see, I've got the door folded over here. This zips all the way down, so you can channel rain water away from the tent, which is nice in a rain storm. You can also have a sense of the space that we have to work with under the vestibule. Plenty of places for muddy boots, packs, anything that you don't want inside the tent. We've got a laminated, welded window on the front side of the tent, so you can look outside your tent and it helps bring in some nice light into that vestibule area and also give you that view outside of the tent. On the door side, undo a couple of toggles here. Marmot uses these nice, jingle-free pieces of cording as their toggles, so you don't have the bouncing and jingling of a standard zipper. This large, D-shaped door zips up. You can see you have a nice mesh panel here. This helps keep air moving, especially when you've got 3 or 4 people inside of this tent. That's going to help you keep a good amount of air flow in the warmer months. The structure on the Limestone 4 lends itself to a lot of strength. This isn't a backpacking tent; it does average about 11 pounds. This is definitely a family camping tent. But what you do get for that are some very strong poles. You can see up at the top here, we do have almost a quarter sleeve construction. The sleeve at the top side of the tent is going to help take the weight of the body fabric here, disperse it over a larger area over the top side of the tent than what a clip would, so it gives you good durability, good long-term durability for your tent. We've got these crossing poles here that push the front and rear wall of the Limestone out to nearly vertical. You can see these two orange poles that come down. They clip into these pockets here. So it helps keep things nice and almost boxy on the inside of this tent. It gives you a lot of usable volume. We've got high-placed mesh here that's fully covered by the fly, the mesh that we talked about on the door and then you do have two bands of mesh, you can see them on the sides here and they do run back around the side of the tent. So, a good bit of ventilation in here, which is important when you have 4 people breathing in of the tent. Setting up the Limestone 4P is really easy because Marmot has included some color coded tabs here. We've got a red tab on this corner of the fly and a red tab on this corner of the tent. So it's as simple as lining up the red tabs. Just make sure that you get the front side of the fly on the front side of the body and tension that up. A couple nice touch-points is you do have reflective guy points on this tent. So if you do have to guy it out, you have something to call your attention to the fact that there's a line running down from there, so you don't trip over it at night. Also the Marmot logo is completely reflective on the side of this tent. So hit this with a headlamp at night, that's going to pop right out and you're going to make sure that you see your tent in camp. We're here on the back side of the Limestone 4. You don't have access on the back side, meaning there is no door or vestibule back here. It does stand off the back side of the body a little bit, just to make sure that you've got good ventilation. And you do have a nice vent here on the back that can help bring air in from that front door and the mesh that we looked at, bring it back through the tent and help exhaust it here through the back side of the tent. If you don’t want to use it, you just fold that little delrin rod that sits there. Tuck down the Velcro and you're good to go. So inside the Limestone 4P, you have plenty of room to move around. We've got head room to spare. I can't even reach the roof when I'm seated. I'm 6 foot tall so that will give you some perspective there on overall height. This is a standard 20 inch pad that I'm sitting on. I've got a Marmot Plasma bag next to me, so you can see that there's space out beyond the bag. There's space over here. Fitting four people in this tent would not be a problem at all. Marmot is including some gear organizers that attach on either side of the door. You've got some attachment points that these clip right on to. What these give you is basically a set of hanging pockets. You've got a place where you can tuck in things like a wallet, keys or headlamp or anything you want to keep close at hand and know exactly where it is. So you get two of those – one for either side of the main door. You also get a door mat with this tent, so you've got a place to take off shoes, something to step on to. This is custom cut to fit the vestibule space of the tent. It helps keep the inside of the tent a little bit cleaner, especially if you have little ones running around the camp site. It gives them a place to take off their shoes and not track everything into the tent. Also Marmot has built this tent with a much stronger floor than what you would find in their backpacking tents. This is 150 Denier Oxford Nylon on the base of this tent, so it's going to stand up to anything that puts more wear and tear on the floor of this tent. Certainly kids running in and out of the tent and dogs are the first things that come to mind that are oftentimes in my tent. So this floor is going to stand up to that a little bit better. You've also got full seam taping on the fly, just like you would in any Marmot tent. So this thing is ready to go right out of the box for you and your family.