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Marmot Limelight Bare Bones Set-Up

For a fast and light set up of the Marmot Limelight tent, you can leave the body of the tent behind and create a minimalist shelter with the footprint, poles, and rainfly. Alternatively, you can set up this configuration in the rain before the tent body so that you have dry space to set up your tent and the interior stays dry. Watch as Gear Specialist Becky reviews the process for a bare bones set up of a Limelight tent.

Marmot Limelight Bare Bones Set-Up

1. After staking out the footprint, insert each end of the hubbed pole into the grommets in the corners.

Helpful Hint: Becky recommends saving the brow pole until after the rainfly is on. This pole attaches to the fly instead of the pole structure. Once the rainfly is on, you can insert the ends of the pole into the rainfly to hold it into place.

2. Throw the rainfly over the pole structure and attach at the corners. Wrap the Velcro tabs on the underside of the fly around the poles to secure together.

3. Enjoy!

connect the hub clip first when setting up in the rain

When using this configuration to set up the tent in the rain, Becky recommends secureing the cerntermost black hub clip first. This is the most sturdy of the clips and will hold up tent body so you can connect the remainder of the clips.