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Marmot Firefly 2P Backpacking Tent

Video by Backcountry Edge
Lightweight and roomy, the Marmot Firefly 2P backpacking tent efficiently balances weight and space for 3-season backpacking.

Marmot Firefly 2P Backpacking Tent Video

The Firefly 2 is a new design from Marmot. It's a pretty classic 2-person tent. A rectangular-style backpacking tent coming in at an average of around 6 pounds. It does have a unique pole structure that gives it a good amount of interior volume, a full coverage fly with a pretty defined front door here and also vestibule storage on the back. So let's take a closer look inside. Some of the nice features on the Firefly 2 are the full coverage fly. You can see you've got this laminated window that's welded right into the fly itself, so you've got some ability to see outside of the tent while you're inside. You've also got this ventilation flap here on the side. It has a small, Delrin-style rod that can stand that out so you get good ventilation. Here we'll close up the door on this. You've got these two hold-backs that hold back the door once you've rolled it up. So the door opening on this is rather big. You can see it's a big, D-shaped zipper, so you get that full coverage down in front to roll water away. When you're done, you can roll it off to the side. Your door opening here is also very large as well. If I slide to the side here, you can see this is a standard 20-inch pad. And behind me here, I've got my trusty Plasma bag. So you can see that you have plenty of room to put two people in here side by side, two standard pads side by side would not be a problem at all. We've also got really good head room here. You can see I've got space up above me. These two spreader poles help to push this front and rear wall out and keep this tent from feeling like this tent is closing in on you when you're sitting here or if you're stuck waiting out a rain storm. So a really interesting feature on the Firefly 2 that makes it really easy to set up is that it's really one pole. This entire piece is all held together by a series of hubs. You can see we've got these nice aluminum hubs down here and some quick clips that secure that nice and taut to the tent. They just snap right on. These two top spreader poles, what these do is these push the outer walls of the tent out. So not only does it give you a nice peak head room, it gives you a nice width. so if you do have two people in here, it's not a cramped tent if you do need to wait out some rain or sit up in a tent, that sort of thing. So it just gives it that interior volume. It 's a hard spec to put on a page, but it makes that livability of a tent very nice. Aside from that, these spreader poles are held on by a small plastic hub. This can swivel, so when you go to take the entire piece apart, it all just folds in and everything folds up into itself. A great value piece on the Firefly 2 is that Marmot includes a footprint that it custom cut for the lower side of the tent, so it's not an accessory that you have to buy; it comes right with the tent. You also get an organizer which is this nice clippable pocket here. You see you've got some deep pockets here, places to tuck stuff at night. So it's just an extra storage touch that Marmot's including with the tent. I think it's really nice, especially in a 2-person tent to not have to give up one of those creature comforts that you get in some of the larger tents.