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Marmot Eos 1P Backpacking Tent

Video by Backcountry Edge
Compact, lightweight and sturdy, the Marmot Eos 1P backpacking tent is ideal for thru-hikes or solo outings.

Marmot Eos 1P Backpacking Tent Video

Today we are checking out the Eos 1P from Marmot. This tent has some tweaks that have been made throughout it to give it an overall update. This is going to make it a little bit lighter than the old Eos 1P was. It weighs in at a minimum weight of two pounds seven ounces, maximum weight two pounds 13 ounces. So roughly, say, two and a half pounds for a nice one person tent. It is going to offer good weather protection. We will show you what it looks like with the fly on later. But it is a minimal design so you have got just enough room for one person in there and some gear. And let’s take a look at some of the details. So as you can see the body of the Eos 1P is all mesh here with a little bit of nylon running around the bottom. So it is going to offer great ventilation. It is definitely a three season tent. It is going not be superb in warm, hot summer weather. It is a pretty quick easy set up. Marmot is using their clips system and this is a single hubbed pole. So you don’t have to figure out which pole goes where. It is all one pole, easily clips into the tent body itself. Just a quick set up. So this is designed to be a minimal shelter. It is light weight. It is going to be quick pack and carry, quick set up for protection from weather for somebody, probably going to cater mostly to through hikers or folks looking to go fast and light that don’t want to carry a lot of extra weight and don’t need a lot of extra comfort and space on the inside of their tent. They are just looking for weather protection. As you can see, I am sitting inside it and the profile of the tent does come up to a point. So it is pretty narrow. There is a single door here and I have got it tied back. I am just go-ing to undo that for a second. You can see if you zip it up, you know, my head is touch-ing both sides of the tent here. So it is definitely meant to be a little bit of a tight squeeze. I think if you are a tall person, you know, maybe over six foot two, this tent is going to be a little bit too cramped for you lengthwise as well as sitting up ways. But it is definitely wide enough. I mean it is a little wider. You could definitely get a 20 inch, 25 inch wide sleeping pad to fit in here. You do have a single storage pocket up here as well. And with that single door it is just going to give you the space you need to get out of the elements and pack light and be comfortable to put in a pack. So here is a look at the Eos 1P with the fly on. You have got really great coverage and you can see the top of the tent is angled here. There are some {?} cuts along that design that really open up the space between the tent and the fly so you get some really great airflow moving through it. It does create a vestibule here in front of the door. This side rolls back and they both match up and come to this point. So you definitely have room in here to stow a boot, pack, trekking poles. So that is the Eos 1P from Marmot. Remember, it is a light weight shelter and if you are looking for something that is real roomy and comfortable, this is probably not going to be the tent for you, but it weighs in at about two pounds seven ounces. If you are going out by yourself, it is definitely a roomy enough shelter for one person and anybody who is just looking for some sort of emergency shelter to have along with them, it is a great op-tion from Marmot. It is the Eos 1P.