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Marmot Apollo 50 and Women's Athena 48

Video by Backcountry Edge
The versatile Marmot Apollo 50 and Women's Athena 48 packs from overnights to multi-day backpacking adventures. Easy to use and comfortable, the packs feature no-hassle access and organizational features.

Marmot Apollo 50 and Women's Athena 48 Video

We are taking a look at the Marmot Apollo and Athena backpacks. These are men’s and women’s version of a shared feature set and they are great for multi day trips. They are load hauling packs and they have a lot of really easy to use features at a really good value. The women’s specific version is the Athena. And it has got women’s specific features just for a better fit. So starting down at the hip belt you do have more of a contoured hip belt. And the torso length in general is a little bit shorter. So on these packs you don’t have an adjustable torso length. You do have different sizes for men and for women. And the actual shoulder harness is a little more contoured and shorter for women. Other than that, the exact same feature set. So if you start down just at the nicely padded hip belt, they keep the weight down so it is pretty light weight, but seems to fit really well. And you do have just one aluminum stay with a frame sheath behind that just to give a little bit of stability and load hauling capa-bility. You have got mesh venting in the back just to keep cool while you are hiking on the trail and an adjustable sternum strap so you can really dial in the fit for that. The pockets and organizational features on this pack are really straight forward and easy to use. And there are a lot of small details that really make this a great value of a pack. We start with the open zippered pocket. This is the first thing that struck me about this pack is this long J shaped zipper where you can open that up and really gain access to the middle, the top and the bottom of your pack. So you don’t have a separate sleeping bag compartment on the bottom, but you don’t need that, because you can really get to your all parts of the pack with this big zipper. We look at the bottom. You do have two loops to lash gear or just to cinch down the bot-tom of your pack. You have got tool loops here and additionally up here you have an ad-justable tool loop as well. And that is kind of an interesting feature that you don’t see on a lot of packs. It is normally fixed. So it is nice that you are able to pull that up and really adjust those. Looking at the side you have two big water bottle pockets on either side, a pocket on the hip belt. And the other side of the hip belt just has a pull loop. Got a big dump pocket in the front that you can store layers or gear that you want to get your hands on quickly. And, on top of that, you have four little points where you can lash gear. And those are also reflective points so it gives an added safety feature. The top lid of the pack is floating. So if you need to pack that out a little bit more you certainly have adjustability there and can use those to just cinch down your pack if you don’t have it completely packed out. The top lid has a compartment where you can store gear you want to get your hands on quickly as well. And it is a true top loading pack. If I open that up we have access into the top of the pack as most traditional backpacks are. I will mention it does come with a rain cover stored underneath the pack. So you can get that out when you need it, but it is tucked away when the weather is nice. With their many features, lightweight design and load hauling capability the Apollo and Athena backpacks by Marmot are perfect for your next multi day back packing adventure.