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Mammut Lithium 25 Multi-Sport Pack

Video by Backcountry Edge
A lightweight offering for technical day hiking, bouldering and other active pursuits, the Mammut Lithium 25 delivers load-hauling support and convenient gear-lashing features.

Mammut Lithium 25 Multi-Sport Pack Video

We are taking a look at Mammut’s Lithium 25. This is in their multi-functional pack line which means it’s going to suitable for doing a wide variety of outdoor sports, in particular ski touring, day hiking, or as a summit pack or for rock climbing. You can pretty much do anything you want with this pack. It’s got a lot of great features that you do not usually find on this small of a day pack and were going to take a look at those. So first let’s take a look at the back panel and the suspension of the Lithium 25. There is an aluminum frame in here, it’s Mammut’s V-frame and that design offers really good load stability at the base of the pack, which is where you want it, but it also allows for full freedom of motion through the hips and the shoulders so you can be quite agile in this pack while having a load strapped securely to your back. For the hipbelt and the shoulder straps you’ve got lightweight, flexible mesh and this is really comfortable because it conforms to the body, in particular in the hipbelt, offers really good direct contact with the hips which is in part how you get that load transfer. It is very comfortable since its lightweight and flexible and includes the standard adjustable buckle. Shoulder straps are also adjustable and include a whistle on the sternum strap. There are plenty of loops for running a hydration hose through or clip on various other gear that you want quick access to. I mentioned hydration hose early, here’s your exit port, marked H2O, so you can run the hose out of the pack here and go to the left of right strap, whichever one works best for you. There is a sleeve inside, up against the back panel of the pack and a clip to hold it in there, so this pack is set up to take a hydration bladder. I’d also like to note here that there are adjustable load lifter straps on this pack as well. This is not overly common on a day pack of this size, so you do have some good versatility as far as the fit of this pack, even if it’s loaded down with some weight. To help with the stability and load compression you’ve got 2 compression straps on either side of this pack, one high and one low, they help to tie that load in as well as offering some security to whatever you might be stowing in these outside, stretchy, mesh pockets. As you can see I’ve got a big, burly water bottle in there and this strap just helps to anchor that in there a bit better. You’ve got plenty of places to clip gear on the outside here. This material if really durable and you do have two steel, cable systems at the bottom here. As you can see, this one works well to stow trekking poles. Just loop it through the bottom and use this adjustable strap at the top to lash it down. A nice bonus here is that this strap can be unhooked which allows you to easily strap larger items in there and cinch them down. The other cable here can be tucked up inside the pack or pulled out through these reinforced holes to create a wider loop that allows you to carry skis at a diagonal. There is another attachment point up here with an actual cam buckle on it that is adjustable and locking so you can go ahead and set your skis up across the pack and take them into the backcountry to do a little skiing for the week or whatever. It’s a really nice feature and that cable just tucks away in the pack and isn’t hanging out if you are not using it. As far as storage goes on this pack, you’ve got on large inside pocket with that 25liter capacity. You have a small top pocket on the hood that’s great for stowing smaller items, I’ve got a bandana in there, there is a single attachment point here and a hood that folds back. This design lets you stow items like a jacket under the hood, I had mine in there on the hike in here and it works well for that. There is a wide opening at the top with a drawcord closure which makes it easy to load and unload this pack without fighting the pack to get at what’s inside it. Under the hood there is a smaller pocket for snacks and it has a key clip in it as well. Inside the pack is some good storage space. You can see I’ve got a little sleeping bag in there and a stove and here’s the hydration sleeve and the velcro clip to hang the hose from. At the side here is the tab that allows you to anchor in the cable that you would hold your skis with and it lets you lock them on tight with this strap. My favorite pocket on this pack is this front stash pocket. It’s pretty wide and deep and you can really shove a lot of things in there like gaiters and rain gear. So, this is the Mammut Lithium 25, a great multi-purpose day pack that you could buy and head outside to go anywhere and do anything.