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LEKI Sierra Antishock Walking Staff (Old Style)

Boasting a built-in camera mount and constructed of lightweight, durable aluminum, the LEKI Sierra Antishock serves double-duty as a walking staff and as a camera monopod.

LEKI Sierra Antishock Walking Staff Video

We are going to take a closer look at LEKI’s Sierra antishock staff. It is a great option for hiking, for walking or for general travel. At the very bottom of the poles is LEKI’s carbide flex tip. So this entire piece is designed in such a fashion that should you get the pole wedged between rocks and a crack, something that could jeopardize the shaft sections of the pole, this will actually shear away. It is a simple press fit replacement if it would come to that. And that is certainly preferable to actually having an actual shaft section break on you. At the very bottom of this is a little carbide tip on the very end. That is what is coming into contact with the ground itself and what gives you a nice bite for on trail usage. LEKI does include a rubber walking tip as well. If you are using this pole on improved surfaces, certainly on pavement, on museum tours, things like that, you are going to want to put that in play. It is also nice protection on the end of the tips if you are traveling with this piece. So that carbide tip isn’t coming into contact with clothes. Back to the top of the pole and taking a closer look at the Sierra antishock’s grip. You have got nice foam texturing here where more often than not you are going to be gripping the pole. There is also a nice curved wooden knob on top of the pole depending on how you are using it. You might prefer to be over top of it. And that has a nice feel in the hand. You can see there is a woven wrist strap. Again, that helps take wear and tear off of our wrists over the course of the day. This wooden knob does come off entirely and you will see that there is a threaded post on top that is specifically designed to enable this pole to function as a camera monopod. Another stand out feature on the Sierra staff is its antishock mechanism. Embedded in that lower shaft section where it connects to the section above is LEKI’s soft antishock light. It is a small, {?} spring inside the poles and you can see it flexing there. As you are using the pole and putting weight down on it into the ground, there is vibration that wants to make its way up the poles to your wrists. Over time, over a long day of hiking it can put quite a bit of strain on your wrists. That mechanism dampens that, basically does away with it so you are not taking the brunt of that on your wrists. The Sierra antishock staff is a three section telescoping pole. You have got a lower section that extends and locks in place and then the second section also extends and locks easily in place. There is an internal locking mechanism at each section of these poles. You can’t see it working, but what happens as you turn that pole is a small threaded piece makes its way u a post, tightens against the interior wall of the poles and provides a surprisingly secure lock. No need to overdo that. Once you feel it start to bite a little bit, give it a quarter turn or a half a turn and it will give you all the security you need.