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LEKI Micro Vario Ti Trekking Poles (Old Style)

Video by Backcountry Edge
Providing maximum collapsibility without skimping on adjustability, LEKI Micro Vario Ti aluminum trekking poles offer durable performance in pack-friendly dimensions.

LEKI Micro Vario Ti Trekking Poles Video

We are going to take a closer look at LEKI’s Micro Vario Ti trekking poles. They are extremely collapsible, light weight, but still have a number of innovative features and reliable construction to make them great options for year round back packing and hiking. Unlike more traditional offerings from LEKI this is not a telescoping pole. So you don’t have sections that extend from within the other sections. They are collapsible. You can see it is a three section pole. It gives it a very nice collapse length of only 15 inches, really convenient for storing either inside a pack or lashing externally to a pack. It also makes it a nice option for travel. When you have got those sections aligned, pull out the top most section until you hear a positive click and the poles are ready to go. LEKI utilizes a speed lock function that does make this pole adjustable so you do have a range of adjustability on this pole, roughly 43 inches to 51 inches. It gives you a nice range. That is a feature you don’t find on all poles of this size. Really nice grips on a pole, again, this light weight design. So you don’t have a pared down grip. You have got a grip almost identical to what you would find on a more traditional pole from LEKI. These are air gun grips. There is an ovoid shaping to the top of the poles. So if you prefer to be on top of the poles all of the time or at given times when you are using the poles, it gives really nice ergonomic fit inside the palm of your hand. There is an extended textured length here beneath the top most section that makes that really convenient in winter when you have got gloves. You want to just grab the pole at a slightly different height without having to constantly make adjustments. That is a nice position to be able to reach to. Lower down on the pole just too narrow a diameter. It is hard to do much with that. So that plays in really nicely. You have got straps, woven straps, nice comfort inside there. That really takes some of that stress off your wrists while you are using them. Easy adjustability on these air gun grips. These just flip up that section there and pull the webbing until it is exactly where you find it most comfortable. Close the lock and ready to go. The Micro Vario Ti poles come with LEKI’s carbide flex tips. So you have got an actual carbide tip end. Again, that would be the point that comes into contact with the ground. So it gives you a nice point of contact. The entire tip, so this three inch section here, is designed in such a fashion that should you get the pole stuck between the rocks or in some position that could cause major damage to the poles, this is actually designed to break away. It is a replicable part. So that would be preferable to having an actual section shear away. So nice design there. Again, replicable feature. Small diameter basket that will keep your poles up above really soft ground. A little bit of snow would keep you up on top as well. This keeps the pole from sinking in to a point that they are not doing what you want them to do. LEKI includes a mesh storage sack, draw string closure on top here with each pair of Micro Vario Ti poles. It is a great combination. Light weight, packable and excellent functionality, really idea for all types of back country usage.