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LEKI Lhasa Lite Antishock Women's Trekking Poles

Video by Backcountry Edge
Combining lightweight, rugged construction and a full set of performance features, LEKI Lhasa Lite Antishock Women's trekking poles are ideal for thru-hikers and backpackers.

LEKI Lhasa Lite Antishock Women's Trekking Poles

The Lhasa Lite Antishock is a new pole from LEKI this year. This is a women's-specific pole. This is the first women's-specific pole that they've done that features their AERGON cork grip. The Lhasa Lite Antishock uses a compact version of LEKI's AERGON COR-TEC grip. So what this grip gives you is cork surfaces here where your hand makes contact, which is going to be under the fingers and at the back of the palm. The strap system on the AERGON grip is real simple to adjust. Pull up on the strap, make your adjustment and lock it back down. Also on the AERGON grip, you have this nice dimpled rubber top surface so that you can palm the top of the grip when you're going up and down hill. The Lhasa Lite uses two aluminum shafts, so this is a full aluminum construction. LEKI warranties the aluminum shaft for lifetime against any breakage, so you're covered there. We've got the graphic here on the top which is a painted on graphic. And as we move down the pole, we come to the first locking mechanism, which is a SpeedLock mechanism. SpeedLock is very simple to adjust. It's just a simple lever action and can be operated with a flick of the thumb. What's nice about having it be the top adjustment point here is that this is going to be where you make most of your adjustments if you adjust your poles throughout the day while you're hiking. You're going to lock in the bottom section, leave that where it needs to be and if you do find yourself needing to make a small adjustment, just pop that open, slide the pole and lock it right back in. Even easy to do with gloves on in the winter. Continuing down the pole, you'll see that LEKI has given you some graduated markings that are printed right on the aluminum shaft so that you can tell where your adjustments and settings are. This helps you get it locked into your favorite place again. And right here is the barrel that's at the bottom of the middle shaft. This makes it nice and easy to hold on to when you're making an adjustment with that lower Super Lock portion. With that Super Lock portion, you have graduated markings again and it's as simple as twisting it in to lock it. The Super Lock mechanism is actually the strongest locking mechanism available. It will hold in excess of 250 pounds, which is why they put that on the lower section. Once you've locked that in, we'll take a look here right at these numbers and you can see that section compresses which is where the Antishock system is in this pole, on the lowest section, closest to the ground so it can soak up that vibration and not transfer it to your wrists. So all the way down at the tip, we've got LEKI's carbide flex tip and these come with a hard packed or summer basket on them. This is going to be most useful when you're hiking in dry conditions if you're going out for snowshoeing, this basket will spin right off and you can replace it with a snowshoe basket, which is sold separately. So the Lhasa Lite Antishock combines all of these features at a pair weight of 18.4 ounces, which is very lightweight for a pair of aluminum poles. They are adjustable and can be collapsed down to 25.5 inches for travel and fully extended will extend all the way out to 49.2 inches.