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LEKI Lhasa Lite Women’s Trekking Poles

Weighing in at only 15.8 ounces per pair and featuring innovative grips and external locking mechanisms, LEKI Lhasa Lite Women's trekking poles are ideal for thru-hikers and ounce-counting backpackers.

LEKI Lhasa Lite Women's Trekking Poles Video

These are LEKI’s Lhasa Lite women’s trekking poles. At 15.8 ounces, a really light weight offering with durable aluminum for year round trail performance. The poles utilize LEKI’s air gun core tech compact grip. Compact references the fact that with women in mind it is a smaller diameter to the grip. A man who has got smaller hands may also find these a great option. Nice texturing on those grips, also ergonomics there that just make it a really comfortable hand hold. Woven and padded straps in play here that also take wear and tear off of your wrists during the course of a long hike or during extended back packing trips. There is adjustability to those wrist straps. So by flipping up that piece on the top of the grips, you can decide exactly where you need those wrist straps to be so that they are most comfortable for you and then flick that down into place. I want to turn the grip and show you some of the dibbling, the texturing here up on top. In those instances where you prefer to have your hand over top of the pole, kind of palming that grip, really nice ergonomics, fits securely in the center of your palm. The poles consist of three telescoping sections. You can see that they utilize external locking mechanisms. There is marks here on the poles to show you what length you have extended them to. The speed lock system, the external lock system is super easy to use and also gives a nice confident lock. Clip it down, locks it in place. When you do need to adjust the length of the pole, just a single turn and you are ready to go. At the bottom of the poles you will find a section that is LEKI’s carbide flex tip, about four, four and a half inches in length with the very end being the carbide portion that provides traction on the trail itself. I should also mention that rubber walking tips are available, but sold separately. Should you get these poles in a position between rocks, in a crack, something that would jeopardize the poles themselves, this piece is designed to shear away. There is a press fit replacement part that can be purchased to correct that, but that is definitely preferable to having the actual shaft section break while you are out on the trail. Small low profile trekking basket is included, a pair of them, with the poles. That is usually suitable enough for average terrain. It may not even come into play if you are on really solid surfaces, but if you have got mud, dirt, a little bit of snow, that basket is designed to stop the pole from going any further. So it stays on top and does what you need it to do. If you are going to be using these in winter conditions in deeper snow, you may want to check out LEKI’s snow baskets or even deep powder baskets. So broader diameter baskets sold separately to equip these poles for winter use.