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LEKI: Enjoy the Craft

When LEKI extended an invite for us to visit their factory in the Czech Republic and their offices in Kircheim unter Teck in Germany, we jumped at the opportunity. Gear Specialist Steven “Leon” Lutz was even given the chance to actually “build” a pair of Corklite DSS trekking poles.

LEKI: Enjoy the Craft

Alpine Heritage

Early LEKI ski pole basket
LEKI originally focused on improving ski pole grips and baskets before manufacturing their own poles.

LEKI was founded all the way back in 1948 by Karl Lenhart, an avid skier who had grown dissatisfied with the pole construction of the day. He began by manufacturing grips and baskets that immediately improved functionality and later moved on to producing fiberglass and aluminum poles. In 1970, the very first LEKI alpine poles were introduced. In 1984, Karl’s youngest son, Klaus, took over the helm at LEKI and together with his wife, Waltraud, ushered in a new and prolonged era of innovation and growth. Today, LEKI own over 250 patents and is the dominant ski pole manufacturer in the world.

Commitment to Craftsmanship

Manufacturing a LEKI pole
Rigorous controls at every step of the manufacturing process ensure that each LEKI pole will last for years to come.

Much of LEKI’s production takes place in the factory in Tachov, Czech Republic and that’s where we got our chance to construct our own pair of poles. We witnessed the unwavering commitment to the very highest standards of craftsmanship and the painstaking care taken at each of the many steps in the manufacturing process. With the build quality that we’ve so appreciated over our years of partnership with LEKI, the precision didn’t surprise us, but it was amazing to get to see that precision firsthand.

Enthusiasm for Exploration

Backcountry Edge Gear Specialist Steven
LEKI CEO Waltraud Lenhart explains that the driving force behind LEKI's technology and innovations is people who use the product, and creating a better outdoor experience for those users.

It was also a blessing to interact with the people at LEKI who make it such a special brand. We listened raptly to the inspirational Waltraud, who has led LEKI on her own since the untimely passing of Klaus in a 2012 plane crash, as she spoke proudly of LEKI’s continued innovation and shared her enthusiasm for the outdoors and the world at large. As skiers, hikers, and trekkers themselves, Waltraud and everyone at LEKI never lose sight of why getting out into nature is so important, how much outdoor adventure means to so many people, and how their poles can help to enhance those experiences

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