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LEKI Corklite Antishock Trekking Poles (Old Style)

Video by Backcountry Edge
Combining lightweight, rugged construction and a full set of performance features, LEKI Corklite Antishock trekking poles are ideal for thru-hikers and backpackers.

LEKI Corklite Antishock Trekking Poles Video

The Corklite Antishock is a pole from LEKI that combines a number of their locking systems to give you a really innovative, easy-to-adjust pole. The Corklite Anitshock uses LEKI's cork AERGON grip. This grip puts cork in the areas that will be in contact with your hand, so across the fingers and across the back of the hand. The AERGON grip has a very easy-to-adjust strap system. Pull it up to unlock it, adjust your strap to where you want it, snap it right back down and you're locked into place. You also have a dimpled top surface on this pole. This gives you a nice seamless edge where you can palm the top of the pole if you're coming downhill and need a little extra stability. The Corklite is using an aluminum shaft construction on both the upper and lower shafts. LEKI warranties the aluminum shafts of their poles for lifetime against pole breakage so that is something that is unique to them in the industry. The Corklite SpeedLock uses a SpeedLock mechanism as its first locking mechanism. It's as simple as opening and closing this small lever right here. What that allows you to do is adjust the length of the pole. You do have graduated markings. And what's nice about the placement of the SpeedLock mechanism as the first or upper locking mechanism on the pole is that this is where you're going to make most of your adjustments throughout the day. If you want to make a minor tweak if you're heading uphill or downhill, it's as easy as reaching down, flipping this open, make your adjustment and lock it closed. This lever is even easy to manipulate with gloves on and again keeps it right at the upper section where you're going to do that. LEKI includes some graduated markings here on the middle shaft so you can get your poles back to the height setting that you like. We've got this barrel right here that is right above the lower-most section of the pole. That gives you a nice place to grip when you're going to lock the pole in. And then the lowest locking mechanism is the LEKI Super Lock mechanism which is still the strongest locking mechanism on the market. It can withstand weights up to 250 pounds. So it's definitely enough locking power for you at the lower-most shaft. You do have the same graduated markings below that locking mechanism as well. At the end of the pole here, we have LEKI's carbide flex tip. This flex tip can deflect up to 15 degrees and that's going to save the aluminum shafts from any unnecessary bending or deflecting from rocks and roots. You also have the hard packed basket here or summer basket. This is going to keep the tip from penetrating down into the ground and sinking too much. If you're going out in winter in ice and deeper snow you can swap out this basket for a larger basket that LEKI sells separately. The Corklite Antishock model weighs in at 19.4 ounces per pair. To store them, they will collapse down to 25.9 inches and extended to their longest dimension, they are 53.1 inches.