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Kelty Trail Ridge Series Backpacking Tents

Video by Backcountry Edge
Kelty Trail Ridge series tents deliver reliable 3-season backpacking performance, easy-set up and maximized livable space at a budget-friendly price.

Kelty Trail Ridge Series Backpacking Tents Video

This is the Trail Ridge 3 Tent from Kelty. There is also a Trail Ridge 2 and both of those are back packing style tents, fairly in expensive tent for everything that you get in this tent. It is incredible well built, a lot of room inside the tent. A nice set of features as well and we will take a closer look at those features. One of the things that I like right away in the Trail Ridge Series is that these tents have two doors so you don't just have a single entry way, you have got two entry ways where there is the two person and the three person. It is nice to have different ways in and out of the tent. In fact you can use one entry way as or one opening as the way you get into the tent and you can also use the other as your storage or you know like the back porch sometimes. That is the way I reference that, to keep packs boots and gear in and out of the rain without eating into the storage space that you have inside the tent, so dual vestibules right away make these interesting pack packing options. Peel back the rain fly here a little bit so you can get a closer look at the main tent body. Again fully protective rain fly, creative dual vestibules that we looked at. This is fully seam tapped so right out of the box it is ready to be used. Somewhat traditional pole structure in that you have got corner points two main poles that connect almost again a traditional dome style. But I'm going to peel this even further. You also have a short segment, collapsible pole segment that we would call a brought bow, comes across the top of the tent. What it does is it pulls these side walls a lot more vertical which opens up space inside the tent and makes it feel a lot more livable. This is a three person tent, we've got a sleeping bag and a sleeping pad in there and there is ample room two more campers or back packers inside that tent. It is light weight enough with a trail weight under 6 pounds that you can divvy that weight up between two of you. One takes the rain flying poles the other takes the tent body. Again still a back packable option put a lot of room for two, so pretty versatile. I'd say the same thing on the 2. It's designed obviously with enough room with two to sleep but it would also be light weight enough and packable enough that you could use it as a really roomy solo shelter. Dark aluminum poles on this tent so light weight but extremely sturdy. There is color coated construction at the corners of this tent that make it real easy for you to know exactly where the rain fry buckles and make set up pretty easy. So I'm here inside the Trail Ridge 3 and again you can see that it really is a spacious design. That [brawd] pole really opens things up. A lot of mesh on the interior of the tent body so it's very breathable, does a really good job of keeping condensation from building up on the inside of the tent during the night. It's got some interesting storage feature here. Mesh pockets in this corner there is an identical mesh pocket on that corner. Up above Kelty includes a mesh gear loft with ties into integrated hand loops. Let's you get head lamps or clothes or whatever you choose to put up there that frees up space at the bottom of the tent. Again to speak of the spaciousness, 88 inches long, 72 inches wide, nice tall 47 inch peak height on the inside of this tent and that design kind of maintains that overall peak height at a further distance that it might have if it was a more traditional dome where things all start to lean towards the center. Kelty does also sell a custom fit foot print. The Trail Ridge 3 footprints the trail ridge two for the Trail Ridge 2 tent that will fit at the ground meet points. A little smaller the whole way around than the tent body itself to make sure that water isn’t catching and running underneath the tent but that will add a further measure of protection to that tent floor that takes the brunt of wear and tear over time. Will extend the life of your Trail Ridge tent and again, got a great shelter to take into the back country on back packing trips or to use at the campsite.