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Kelty TraiLogic Collection

Video by Backcountry Edge
The Kelty TraiLogic Collection is comprised of innovative backpacking gear that offers high performance on its own but blends together into an ideal backcountry unit.

Kelty TraiLogic Collection Video

The design team at Kelty decided to take a look at not just one product or one category, but various products within various categories and how they work together. In doing so they created the TraiLogic series. So what you have got is a pack with unique organizational features in it that best incorporate the carry of a sleeping bag, a sleeping pad and a tent in one cohesive unit. Each of those pieces works exceptionally well independently, but as a series, the TraiLogic series, they all fit together and work in tandem. The starting point or the foundation of the TraiLogic series ins the pack, the PK 50. There is a men’s version. There is a woman’s version. I have got the men’s version here in front of me. It is a modular pack. So the 50 in the name there indicates that it is a 50 liter pack. You have got a lot of storage capacity here. It is modular, so this front face comes off entirely and got clothes in here, food, other things. But you can leave that behind when you don’t need it and you have got a streamlined 35 liter pack. Close the compression wings and everything is nice and secure. But the organizational features here really make this stand out, just some unique pocketing, some unique closures. You have got roll tops instead of zippers. And within these various organizational features snuggly fitting are the other elements of the TraiLogic series starting with the TN-2 tent. The TN tent also will come in a three person version. You have got a sleeping pad here, the PDa. In this case this is an air pad, an inflatable pad, also available in an IS, a self inflating version. And down in the sleeping bag compartment it has another unique offering in the TraiLogic series, the SB, the sleeping bag which comes in a couple of different temperature ratings The TN tents come in a uniquely shaped storage sack, shaped in that manner as we looked at the PK pack and that stretch panel. This is an ideal fit inside that stretch panel beneath the outer pocket. You pull that out of the way and get right to the tent, likely the first thing that you want to set up when you get to camp. Those short pole sections and that stuff sack either can be inside here or separately in either of those external side pockets. TN tent certainly an important element of the TraiLogic series. You have got to have a tent, got to have that shelter. And the TN tents provide nice livable space, neat features like that pull back star gazing, but also just day to day functional features inside the tent, two doors, two vestibules and a great packed size as well. An excellent back packing option. Looking at the stuff sack here on the PDa pad and you are seeing that similar design feature in the PDSI, the self inflating version. Squared off or rectangular, flat, really nice fit inside the PK 50 packs, ideally situated with the sleeping bag in that lower sleeping bag compartment. So the PDa, the inflatable pad and its self inflating cousin the PDSI certainly great elements of the TraiLogic series. You get excellent performance, nice comfort and those pack size and dimensions make it fit perfectly within the PK50 packs right down in that sleeping bag compartment with the sleeping bag. So we touched on the pack. We touched on the tent. We touched on the pad. Got to have a sleeping bag. And in keeping with the rest of the TraiLogic series, the SB bags from Kelty offer innovation and a feature set that is ideal for backpacking. We have got the 20 degree bag here available in men’s and women’s. There is also a 35 degree men’s and women’s in each case fitting nicely inside the PK50 pack and providing you with that backpacking performance. The SB sleeping bags utilize innovative dry down insulation so you have got compressibility. You have got the loft and warmth of down. But you also have all weather protection from that treated down, so it doesn’t lose its insulative qualities should it become wet. There is also some fabric touches at the hood and also at the foot of the bag that increases the water resistance of the bag itself and makes these bags just offer a whole lot of performance for demanding back packers. So the TraiLogic series from Kelty. You have got quality elements in the sleeping bag, sleeping pad, tent and pack category, each one able to stand on its own. They are all sold individually, but when you take those pieces, use them together they certainly do make a cohesive unit with all the elements you need to comfortably and functionally enjoy your time in the outdoors.