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Kelty TN Series Stargazing Fly

The Kelty TN Series of tents feature a Stargazing Rainfly that allows unparalleled ventilation and visibility, but also allows for full coverage in the event of inclement weather. In this video, Gear Specialist Becky demonstrates how to transform you Kelty TN tent from a stargazing haven to a weatherproof shelter in seconds flat.

Kelty TN Series Stargazing Fly

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Clips hold the rolled back fly in place

For maximum nighttime views, unclip the rainfly from the two corners on one end of the tent and roll the fly back to the halfway point at the top of the tent dome. There are two clips, one on each end of the brow pole, to secure the rolled up fly. 

Hunker Down

When the weather starts to change and the clouds are rolling in, you can weatherproof your tent in no time. Simply release the clips holding the rainfly and roll the fly down over the tent. Clip the two corners down and tighten.