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Kelty TN Backpacking Tent Series

Video by Backcountry Edge
With a unique backpacking-friendly packed dimensions and neat features like a stargazing fly, Kelty's TN tent series is built for backcountry adventure.

Kelty TN Backpacking Tent Series Video

We are going to take a look at the TN tent from Kelty. These light weight innovative tents have just a great feature set for backpacking that includes a uniquely shaped stuff sack, rectangular, flat that fits nicely inside just about any backpack. Some star gazing features, some unique clip technology. And we will take a closer look at all of that. The TN tent is available in a two person and a three person version. We are looking at the two person TN two. In each chase you have got a 40 D cell nylon rain fly, two vestibules, two doors. You have got the integrated see through window on the fly on both sides as well as a vent on either side that helps with condensation or combats condensation, keeps that from building up on the interior of your tent. A pretty fun element to the rain fly here. Basically a star gazing feature. So we have rolled back the rain fly half way. There is some buckling and some straps that holds that conveniently in place. So when you have got nice weather, a sky filled with stars, you settle in for the night and the wide open airy mesh with the fly pulled back gives you a great, great view of the entire sky. Because of the way the tent is designed you can start in that star gazing mode and as it gets cooler in the evening or if you have got any bad weather, you can pull down that rain fly without actually having to exit the tent. Simply unclip the clips and pull that fly back down into place and clip the buckle over top of the tent’s J foot. So I have taken off the fly to give you a better look at this tent. Again, we are looking at the two person tent, 27 and a half square feet of interior space here at the floor. You have got a 42 inch peak height, so pretty good height, at least here down at what I would consider the front of the tent with the feet here about 80 inches in length. So you have got room. It is a backpacking style tent, so, you know, still pretty compact dimensions inside here, but roomier than a lot of backpacking tents I have seen out there and that overhead height and that front mesh panel make it feel rather roomy. Because of that design we looked at earlier, you have got two vestibules, so 10 square feet of external storage space on either side on the two person. It is actually 11 square feet on either side on the larger 39.5 square foot interior three person tent, the TN-3. The prebend on these DAC aluminum poles here at the front of the tent maximizes, again, that feeling of livability, kind of pulls things more taut, more vertical and that opens up some space up high. When you have got a more traditional tent that wants to lean in all directions it starts to feel a little cramped. And this tent does a good job of avoiding that feeling. A little bit of interior storage. There is some mesh pockets here at the front of the tent. It is compatible with some hanging hooks here for a gear loft, though a gear loft is not included. The TN tents do utilize a hub design, so you can see this connection point. These poles, while there are individual collapsible sections, it actually functions as a single pole unit. So the corners, that corner to this corner and cross in the other direction, that is actually one unit that folds down together. As far as connecting to the tent body itself, a really neat connection point here. Light weight, couldn’t be much simpler to use. You get that nice, positive lock that lets you know that it is in place and really like the way that pulls that tent body taut. Nice hardware on this tent. There is additionally, or in addition to these main pole sections, a short cross pole section, again, collapsible, that comes across the top of the tent and that also aids in that verticality of the tent walls, improves that overall livability. And that also comes into play in securing that rolled back fly when you have got this set up for star gazing. You can see the unique shaping of the stuff sack included with the TN tents. That is done specifically so that you have got a more ideal fit inside the backpack. Traditionally you are looking at a long, rolled stuff sack that almost always needs to be lashed externally or separated into individual pieces. Not so the case with the TN tents. You do have the pole bag here that can either be stashed in some separate spot. It will also live inside this... the general tent stuff sack as well. I do also want to make mention of the Kelty up-slope tarp. That is sold separately. It is a stand alone tarp shelter, back packing tarp shelter. But it can be used in tandem with the TN tent to create a very large vestibule area, awning style vestibule area. So just want to mention that, because that can add some extra modularity to these TN tents. But just a great feature set here, again. Really neat back packing tent, not necessarily the most light weight, but definitely light weight enough for back packing. And with that collapsibility, the short pole sections and the set of features, really interesting back country option.