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Kelty SB 20 Women's DriDown Sleeping Bag

Utilizing lightweight, compressible DriDown insulation and incorporating innovative waterproof fabrics in key areas, Kelty SB DriDown sleeping bags offer excellent backpacking performance.

Kelty Women's SB 20 DriDown Sleeping Bag Video

We are taking a look at the Kelty women’s SB 20 degree sleeping bag. The stand out feature of this bag is its head to toe dry design. So starting up here at the head you can see it has a nice hood. This is a mummy style sleeping bag. So, you know, it is going to be trim. It is going to taper in towards the feet. The head and the toe are both treated with a water resistant coating. And that is just, the top five or six inches here, the bottom foot of the bag. And that is going to hold up really well against condensation in the tent. So if you happen to move at night and brush your feet up against then wall of the tent or on the head, that is going to hold up to water actually being absorbed into the sleeping bag. That is going to keep you drier and ultimately keep you warmer. The other part of the dry design is this sleeping is insulated with 800 fill DriDown. And DriDown is just a permanent coating that is applied to each plume of down that is not going to wear off. It is not going to wash off, but it allows down to work a little bit more like a synthetic fiber in that when it gets wet, it is going to keep you warmer. It is going to keep you drier. It is going to repel water a little bit more like synthetic, but you are go-ing to have that compressible, that light weight feel of a down sleeping bag. If we look at the zipper, you do have a full length zipper or what we would call a full length zipper on a mummy sleeping bag. It doesn't go all the way down to the foot box just because that is a little bit more thermo efficient. The zipper is a two way zipper. So if you need to, you can vent the sleeping bag. There is a piece of material sewn in to the inside of both sides of the zipper and that is an anti snag design. So it is supposed to cut down on the pieces of the inside baffle of the sleeping bag being caught on the zipper. All in all, this sleeping bag has a really nice feel. It is one of my first impressions of this sleeping bag. It is really soft against the skin. There is a nice collar at the top so that makes it feel a little bit more like a blanket, a little bit more comfortable at night. I have got it packed down here into its included compression sack. Kelty does include this compression sack with the sleeping bag. And you can see it packs down to be pretty small for a 20 degree bag. Kelty also includes a storage sack. And this is just a big mesh pouch that you can store the sleeping bag at home or when you are not traveling with it. Another thing that I want to mention about this sleeping bag is Kelty gives it an EN rat-ing, which is a European norm. I believe the EN rating is 31 degrees for women and so the comfort level of this sleeping bag is probably going to be more closer to 31 degrees than it is 20. Twenty degrees is the lower limit rating on this sleeping bag. So keep that in mind when taking it into the back country. All in all this sleeping bag has great features. You do have some tabs on the inside if you want to attach the Kelty travel liner. You have got fully adjustable hood there so you can really cinch that down on cold nights. But all in all, just a really great mummy style down sleeping bag.