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Kelty PK 50 Backpack

Video by Kelty
The innovative Kelty PK 50 internal frame backpack offers modularity that makes organization of gear simple and efficient.

Kelty PK 50 Backpack Video

Hi. I am Courtney and I am here to show you the PK 50 pack which is part of Kelty’s new Trailogic collection. We have designed this to optimize organization through strategic compartmentalized design. And we have also made sure that there is easy access to everything you need on the trail and also when you get to camp so that your adventure is effortless and hassle free. So a quick look at the suspension. This is a single aluminum stay. It is reinforced with an HDPE panel. The stay is fixed into the waist band which will distribute the weight evenly across your lumbar region. You also have dye cut breathable foam for comfort and breathability. Then down at the waist band, again, easy access stow everything you need. You have got these really great waist band pockets so you can reach your phone or some of those smaller essential items. You also have a really great exterior pocket here that you can fit a water bottle or any other things that have a little bit more stretch to it. And then when you are on the trail and you are wanting some of your key essentials that you want to keep a little bit more protected, you simply unclip the front pocket and you have a roll tab closure. You are able to have easy access to everything that you need on the trail. You can simply unhook your front pocket. This sis also going to house all of your clothing. So some of those lighter weight items. Again, another roll tab closure here. You simply remove that and you can take that into you tent and that is all you are going to need. So once you get to camp you simply pull you tent out and you are ready to go ahead and get that set up and everything stays nice and protected within your pack. Another great feature here you can cinch down your compression wings when you do have that front pocket removed and this actually converts down to a 35 liter pack. Again, really great if you want to do faster hiking the next day. You don’t need the whole 50 liter capacity. So now we are looking at the top loading main compartment. This is going to be where your cooking supplies, some of those heavier items you want to keep a little closer to your center of gravity. And, again, these really great roll top closures. The bag actually is zipper less, which is a really great feature. Roll top closures allow you more compression. So, again, if you don’t have the pack all the way stuffed you are able to get a really nice compressive fit. And then, secondly, down here, you have your sleeping bag compartment. We have included a rain cover in this really great hidden compartment down here. So it is going to give you full protection if the weather does turn. Lastly, this is hydration compatible. So it could house a three liter reservoir. The PK 50 pack comes in two torso lengths for men and we also have a women’s specific pack. The PK 50 will allow you hassle free backpacking so you are able to enjoy the adventure more.