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Kelty Trail Series PerfectFIT Suspension System

Eliminating the trial-and-error of having to take a backpack on and off to make fine-tune adjustments, Kelty's PerfectFIT suspension system lets you dial in fit while wearing your pack.

Kelty PerfectFIT Backpack Suspension System Video

We have all had that experience of putting on a backpack, only to have to take it off on and off again to get it to fit exactly the way we want to, making fine tune adjustments. Kelty has addressed that issue head on with its perfect fit suspension system, which allows you to make adjustments while you are wearing the pack. It is on their larger trail series packs and it enables back packers of various shapes and sizes to get the fit they want and get it on the go. I am going to give you a quick demonstration of the three simple steps to achieving your own perfect fit. Begin by making sure that all the straps are loosened prior to putting on the pack. This includes loosening the waist belt, the shoulder straps, the load lifter straps and the fit straps located just above the lumbar padding. Make certain that the back panel is at its highest position. The second step is to put on the pack and begin by situating the waist belt so that it rests on your hips, over your hips. And then pull down on the shoulder straps. Close the sternum strap. And the final step is to pull down on the fixed straps, sliding that lumbar padding into the ideal position for your perfect fit.