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Kelty Palisade 4 Camping Tent

Video by Backcountry Edge
With its innovative pole structure, spacious interior and numerous features, the Kelty Palisade 4 is ready-made for luxurious 3-season camping.

Kelty Palisade 4 Camping Tent Video

We are taking a look at kelty palisade 4 this is a deftly car camping tent and luxurious car camping at that. This tent has a lot of wonderful unique features, that are going to be great for any family that wants to spend a lot of time in the camp site, they want to have easy access to the gear, want to keep it dry, have plenty of space to store items and looking for a tent that is really going to cater to folks that are spending weekends to long weeks of the camp ground. The palisade 4 sleeps four people without a problem there is plenty of space for extra gear and storage. It also come with a six person version which would really be some a luxurious camping tent for up to six people with four people you’re are going to have tons of space and on this four person model with two people you will have an excessive amount of room. The tent body of palisade 4 sets up with three poles, one of this poles is the most unique features about this tent. It is a hoop design, so the pole you see here running across the front tent door is a curricular pole, it’s a hoop design that runs all around tent, what this does is that it opens up the top of the tent, it shows a lot of leave able space inside the tent that allow people inside the tent to actually stand up. For measurement height is going to be 6 feet at the peak but you can get a couple of folks under the height of six feet standing in there because this poles is pulling the wall of the tent out and giving it so much space inside. So the palisade 4 it got a kind of different connection point here where your poles cross, this is the larger pole that we talked about earlier and you have got you basic x design cross polls that run through sleeves. Right where these two poles cross to give you this build you need for a shelter this size, there is a long black tub the piece of all this is kind of design you can anchor the surround wrap round velvet coach, it kind of makes a nice point holds that in place. You will see small d ring cue looped in as well that’s going to be a point where you can anchor the fly into the tent body. The tent body palisade 4 is made up of mostly noisome net mesh netting. It's going to keep bugs out as long as you got the zipped up and it gives you great ventilation good breath-ability when your in this tent. so it going to be excellent for hot weather camping or summer time camping. The back of the tent does have a bit of nylon pearling to the body so you got a little bit of privacy there, for the most of this tent is fully opened mesh and the ceiling as well it is just a big open space of mesh gives you a great view of the sky, if its good weather and you got the fly back you are going to be able to see the stars and it's not going to be much in the way conversion with humidity build up in this tent. Am sitting inside the palisade 4 to give you an idea what kind of space you have in here it is a four tent. It is a four person tent it gone easily sleep four people or less than four people and there is some internal pocketing it help organization of smaller items, you have got two pocket in each corner. One is kind of a larger dropping pocket the other is a short sleeved pocket you can store small items. It's kind of interesting feature another unique piece on the Palisade 4 is going to be this little back door here, it basically unzips and gives you access to the small restroom on the back, so the tent is fly’s on so you can keep other items back here and easily get to them without leaving the tent. It should been through the nite or potential rainy day and you don’t have room to store everything in the tent you can keep those extra items in these in this back restroom and have access to the back of the tent. It is also great in warm weather to get some air flow running through but there is no mesh door here, so if you leave this open it would allow bugs to come into the tent. Palisade 4 as I said before it really well setup for family camping and kind of luxury sort of family camping. Another nice unique feature here is, at the front of the tent next door is going to be power code access. Consists of power code, basically it is small pocket that unzips goes out to the tent you can run power codes in and out of the tent when you are trying to run a radio or lantern or something potentially maybe off your car or sort of a generator sets another feature there that’s just cater to forks who are going to spending a lot of time at camp grounds. One of the feature that really stand out on the palisade 4 is going to be this vestibule that we are looking at here, the tent is back here and I don't know if you can see through this mesh paneling but this space in here is external storage vestibule, there's a lot of feature in the inside but we gonna take look on those in a second but we will talk about the outside here, you have got additional points to guide this out. You do have a fourth pole was set up here that’s works with just the vestibule. So you got three poles to set up the tent body itself and then a fourth Grey pole that’s gonna support the vestibule system. So nearly side inside the vestibule of the palisade 4 give you feel of the space in here you can definitely set up two folding camp chairs and have enough head rooms that two people can sit on here in a rainy day. You got two doors you’re looking into one of the doors, this is the other door that’s mesh paneling in here. We got it zipped up right now when it is zipped up you got a bug free zone and I want to give you a little ques you got a mesh pane behind this but Kelty sets this up really nicely so you’re putting this windproof/water proof paneling that fit over this. You got tug point at the top at the top, you have one of the clip system which is the way the tent body attaches to the pole structure here. You got a hook on a bungee which is to lock into these D rings and you can undo this entire panels and there are toggle points too that allow you top roll it back out of the way, anchored in there now you got four breath-abilities you can see the outside as well. This is again no-see-um bug mash so you are protected from that, if you get thoroughly windy you or you wanna create shed or you wanna protect yourself from hot weather all you need to do is reconnect that paneling in a couple different points and you are pretty well protected. Now this is not sealing against the mesh, so if it was a true summer thunder storm or some high wind or heavy rains probably will get a bit of rain inside of this vestibule. So you want to make sure your stuff is stored closer to the center and may be it got a bit of a top over it. But it really allows for a couples of folks to sit out here in the middle of hot weather be in the shade have a breeze coming in and always protected from the bug. Here is a look from inside the tent of palisade 4 looking out through the vestibule. You can see there is one door and you got little piece the cup holders, and you then you got a second door over here that is currently closed and you got some mesh paneling there. Take a look up at the ceiling, we got a lot of head room here, tons of storage, ease access in and out of the of the tent. Fly on the palisade 4 is completely seam sealed at the floors as well so the fly is water proof ready to go. We are taking the look at the back vestibule here it is a small piece but it is set up as vestibule you actually do have a zipper opening access here you can't tie the door back and then you will see you have access to the little door to the back of the tent. This does anchor out it is adjustable to one of the sticks open that again it gives you a look here, so here is the door there's actually a zipper from outside so you can even load things into the tent or out of the tent from here and when this is out to the stake you do have some water proof coverage back here with access to it from the tent. Taking a look at where the body of the tent, the poles and the fly connect to each other and the stake out point. Here is your pole fits into a [grommet] these are colored coded pieces of webbing so you have got silver and gray so you know exactly which tab your fly gonna match with, you can see at the corner of the fly also has got orange rubbing means it fit with orange rubbing and here is the buckle system, this is how you connect the fly to the tent setup it is pretty easy and you got some adjustable there so you can pull that fly nice and taunt and then you got your webbing loop at the end with still stick that Kelty includes here to anchor the whole system out. The one note I would like to make for forks that are seriously considering to buy this tent, it is not a very [intuitive] setup, there are directions and I think once you have done it once or twice you will figure out how it is setup and then it would be easy to go from there. Does require more than one person as well two to three people are probably necessary to set this tent up quickly and easily but once you get set up it is a great design, and if going for a camp ride and stay put for couple of days to week, you really going to enjoy those features and it balances out some of those fixtures. That’s the kelty palisade 4 four of unique features is definitely family style camping tent, luxury camping wonderful unique designs here from the full coverage fly with ventilation to this vestibule that’s literally the size of another small tent that a couple of people can hang out there, there is cup holders in there you got this great panel in the door definitely a well thought out tent for anybody who is looking to do some family camping.