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Kelty Lighting

Video by Kelty
Innovative and affordable, Kelty lanterns brighten up all of your backpacking adventures and camping trips.

Kelty Lighting Video

Hello, my name is Nels Larson. I'm the product manager for the Kelty lighting program. Lighting is a great category because it brings life to the evenings. We try to diversify that offering so that customers can choose between their particular preference, feature set, performance and cost. We have four new pieces entering the line for 2012 that are all new. The first of which is the Flashback series. We've got the Flashback and the Flashback Mini. Premium materials, anodized aluminum, laser-etched logo, rubberized ABS plastics. And this is actually a telescoping piece that converts between a hand held flashlight to redirect that light up into the lantern mode. So pretty unique and pretty cool. As a result of the telescoping function, you also have a focus-able adjustable beam in the spotlight mode. A powerful light solution with a unique geometry to allow spotlight or indirect light. We provide mood lighting through the disco feature with the red, green and blue color-changing LEDs. And the addition of our speakered MP3 system. This particular piece has anodized aluminum ribs which provide the globe with some protection. This is ABS plastic and a polycarbonate lens. This is actually a really unique piece with what we call direct pivot panels. So this piece actually has two panels. It's great for a late night ring toss or to throw a little light onto a campsite or on your kitchen or on your tent. This is our most powerful model currently. This particular piece has a power meter; you press and hold and that will actually reduce the level all the way down to 50 Lumens. This is a full anodized aluminum housing; 3 position switch with about approximately 30 Lumens output. This is the LumaPivot, same idea here. Slightly different architecture with this flow through design. This actually has also two rotating panels or what we call direct pivot panels. All Kelty lanterns are tested by an independent lab to provide battery run-time and Lumen information. We're really excited to have these items hit the marketplace. We've enjoyed great success with the product launch and we're just really thrilled to be part of the category and we can't wait for 2012 to roll around. I hope you enjoy the lights.