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Kelty Hula House 4 Camping Tent

Video by Backcountry Edge
With its innovative pole structure and spacious interior, the Kelty Hula House 4 is ready-made for 3-season camping.

Kelty Hula House 4 Camping Tent Video

We are taking a look at the Hula house four by Kelty, it's a tent that is just under 13 pounds so definitely there's going to be a tent for folks who are going camping, we are going to set their tents up on the camp grounds, stay there for a couple of days. As you can see it's got a lot of spacious interior to it, easily slips four people. The most unique thing about the Hula house four is going to be the pool design in keeping with that name Hula house and see this pole here at the top is a circular pole that runs around the entire tent, kind of like a Hula hoop giving it part of the structure design. What it is really doing is pulling up the top of the tent here so you get a tonne of movable space inside the tent and all the way up to the head. The top peak of this tent measures up to six feet so, anybody up to six feet tall can stand inside this tent at the peak. But you do have all this head room mostly up to the point where there is Hula hoop style pole comes around the tent. So it just opens up inside the tent with great visibility from family camping or somebody who is out doing camping trip and they want to have a water space inside the tent and they want to be able to stand up. So the Hula house four has three poles. We already talked about this large circular pool that runs around the diameter of the tent, we have two little pole sections here, one pole and another one pole here. They run across over the tents, anchoring the corners you can see the at the top that they run through a sleeve design and so it gives the tent a little bit more support here because of the sleeve but you do have that quick easy quick system down here so it's still a quick easy set up but you got some good support to the tent at the same time. There's one massive front door on the Hula house for...and you can see here it's almost the whole front of the tent. You've got that single door type out here to hold the door out of the way when it's open and you can see that I barely, I sort of bend down to get my head in then you can stand up once you get inside the tent. So water space here really makes it easy for loading sleeping bags, sleeping pads, clothing, whatever you've got with you loading your gear and then at the same time taking up for pack up and then when you come easy for multiple people walking in and out of the tent at the same time. It's a really powerful design for folks that are doing a lot of family camping where you have got a lot of people who are going to stay at the tent side and move in and out of the tent through out the weekend. So staying inside the cooler house four, just to give you a perspective of how much space is inside this tent. Definitely enough room for four people to sleep here. During the day when it is rainy you could easily pack all your camp gear in one corner and have folks sit here and play cards. There is some internal storage in here. You've got two pockets in every corner, they are kind of mounted in the corner by the floor, you've got a large dropping pocket and then the smaller sleeve pocket next to that. So you've got room to store small items and things that you want to kind of keep organized. So the tent is also going to be excellent for warm weather camping, you can see that there are like complete mesh walls here. The back paddle is a nylon material so you have a little bit of privacy in there but not much in the rest of the tent and the entire ceiling is mesh. So laying on the floor here if the fly is off because the weather is going to be great, you are going a fantastic view at the night sky, it's completely bug free, you know we've got this noose mesh netting so we keep doors open and the bugs are going to stay out. This is a really good view and a really great breath-ability and ventilation is going to come with this tent. So you can see the Hula house four comes with a full coverage range fly. Fly has traipsing and is waterproof so it's ready to go if you r going camping and bad weather comes up rain, storm you should be able stay dry in this tent. The floor is also seam sealed and weather proof and ready to go. Footprint is available though it's not sold with the tent you can buy that separately just to reinforce some of the floor and keeps rocks and roots from coming through especially if you are at a camp ground that has sort of a gravel surface and you've got a lot of people foot tracking the tent. That foot print will definitely reinforce the floor. Lets take a look at the front door here though, it's kind of unique and it's got some great features to it. So Kelty put a double track door on the cooler house and what that means is that you can see it unzips both sides since it's having one opening. There are toggle points here to hold the door rolled up out of the way so you still have access to that big front door. We'll open this up and you can see here that this piece zips down both sides all the way to the ground so you can close it up and you've got a pretty large vestibule where you can store a bit of stuff. There is this nice kind of a go set here, and it goes all the way up and you do get a storm up the covers with balcony tabs that kind of anchors in place. Now the other thing here that is pretty cool is going to be you can kind of make an owning out of this. So when the door is unzipped on both sides you can open it up, it's kind of like tent a tap owning this type kind of includes grommet points at either end of this as well as a loop of waving. So you can go a head and tie it up to a tree, if you've got some extra code anchor it up and if you have some kind of extra tent pole or you want some streaking poles or some six, you kind of prop it up with. But it makes a great owning either for shade or just if it is a drizzly day. It's a really nice feature and of course Kelty does include a small window here so when the fly is completely closed, you can get a look at outside. And this zips all the way to the ground on both sides, you can adjust your pitch here for a fit that works best for you. Close that flap up with those Rocco tabs and you've got a nice water proof that's more than more than enough room to tuck some dry firewood in there. Some extra gear as well and you still have room to move in and out of the tent. So taking a look at the back corner of the tent now, you can see there is quite a sleeping coach that is made here on the fly. This is that floor material that we saw that runs a good portion of the way up the wall. Those overlap here so these waterproof seams of materials kind of ends up here and you do have this come down here. Reason for this is; one it doesn't lighten the tent a little bit which isn't too much of a concern here because it's more of a car camping tent but what it does is, when you touch a guideline to the black tab there you can kind of pull this out and this design anyway it allows for more air flow to move through the tent. So with all that mesh on the inside, and this sort of a curtain fly is going to get really fantastic airflow mostly than you would in a tent with a different design. Some other anchor points here that will help out with tent stability as well as ventilation. You can see the back of the fly here that has kind of changed the color here but there is an actual other place to stick out the fly there that pulls this main fly away from the tent. I suppose you could use it for a little bit of external storage, looks like a really tiny mini vestibule but it is not accessible from the inside of the tent. What it is mostly doing is, it is increasing the airflow and letting air move to decrease kind of breathing humidity and it's a fully adjustable point with the stake that sticks out and you do have these anchors guidelines one, two, three, four on each corner of the tent with your webbing loop here. Kelty does include some guidelines and I don't believe there are extra stakes for all of you so if you are going to go out and you are thinking around bad weather and you got any use, these guidelines support that internal pole structure of the tent you are going to want to buy some extra stakes and some extra codes to pitch those out. So take a look at the stakes and the fly attachments that are up here. So here is the pole that's running down anchors in to a grommet in your webbing attachment that is part of the tent body runs out to webbing loop where you can stick the stakes through it. This is kind of a nice stainless steel stake that Kelty is using here then you have your fly which has its webbing attachment as well as the adjustable buckle and here you will see the other end of the buckle, you attach the fly to the tent body by buckling in there, and then you can adjust it to that piece of webbing in the buckle and make it nice and tight. So cooler house four by Kelty is great for four persons or less camping tent, it's going to give you tonnes of space inside the tent, huge vestibule for external storage as well as lots of headroom and all that mesh is going to offer great breath-ability in hot weather. The only thing that I will point out here is that you may want to consider is purchasing this tent is because of the Hula hoop design. Tent does require at least two people for set up. It's not the most simple intuitive set up but once you try it out, once you set it it's going to be easy to do and you are going to have a great tent with tonnes of space inside of it.