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Kelty Gunnison 2.2 Backpacking Tent

Video by Backcountry Edge
With 2 doors, 2 vestibules and internal storage options, the Kelty Gunnison 2.2 backpacking tent offers an excellent set of features at an affordable price.

Kelty Gunnison 2.2 Tent Video

This is the Kelty Gunnison 2.2. It is going to be a good option for anyone that is looking to do some backpacking or camping. The tent weighs in between five and six pounds, minimum weight versus the pack weight. It has got two doors, two vestibules and good protection from the elements. This tent is a two pole design, but it is a hub design so the two poles are connected there at the hub you see in the center. It makes it really easy and quick to set it up. And you will notice that the clip system is here that they are using to attach the poles are color coded orange and grey and that helps you match up the fly so you know which direction the fly goes to get the doors of the fly to match up with the doors to the tent. Most of your tend body is going to be this nylon paneling. It is light weight. It is a white color so it is going to be cool in hot weather. It is going to give you some privacy and you do have your no-see-um mesh as you go around the tent here on all four sides as well as some mesh and kind of like a wide panel at the base of the tent that is going to help draw air into the tent in the summer time, keep the humidity level down or condensation if it is wet out. So the inside of the Gunnison 2.2 has just enough space for two people. You do have good head room. You know, I have got six or seven inches of clearance here and I am sitting down. You can definitely fit two of the standard 20 inch wide sleeping bags in here without being uncomfortable. And it is a full rectangular shape. No end is tapered. So you are going to have room at the head and the feet as well. Inside this tent has two corner pockets for storage. You have got one here. There is one in the other corner, opposite corner as well. At the top of the tent you do have small roofs sewn in. You can put an attic or gear loft up there. This tent does come with one of those so you won’t need to buy it separately. And there is a small tab in the center that would be a great place to hang a head lamp or a small lantern. So here is the Gunnison 2.2 with the rain fly on. You have got... here is your door. You have got two doors. So you have got a vestibule like this on the other side as well. This gives you a great space for two backpackers to store their packs, their boots, their poles, maybe even a little room to cook here while you are sitting inside the tent if it is a dreary day. You do have a window well on either side on each door. And on the two opposite ends at the top here where the screen material is you are going to see these popped up. This is a little bit of ventilation. It is kind of opened to the inside of the tent there, but you have got coverage so if it is raining it is going to keep water from entering the tent, but it gives you, again, really good airflow moving through the tent all the time to cut down on condensation. We are going to take a look here at how the poles and the tent body connect to the fly and stake out. So you can see your pole coming in here. This is your Jake’s foot. There is a little kind of a ball socket there that that just snaps in and out of. It is real easy to use. The tab here on the fly is grey. It matches up with the tab here on the tent body letting you know that this clip of the tent goes with this clip of the fly. And that little buckle with the hook on it is going to clip into that same piece, the Jake’s foot, so it becomes all one unit. You have got your cord that comes out her to the stake. And then that buckle allows you to adjust and put tension on that fly.