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Kelty Grand Mesa 4 Camping Tent

Video by Backcountry Edge
The Kelty Grand Mesa 4 tent provides excellent value, breathability and space for 3-season use.

Kelty Grand Mesa 4 Camping Tent Video

This is the Kelty Grand Mesa Four. It is a three season tent. It could be used for back packing. It weighs in at six pounds and 13 ounces. If you were splitting the weight, you know, the poles, the tent, the fly amongst three people or more, you might be able to get down to a manageable weight, but for the most part it is going to be better off used as a camping style tent. The Grand Mesa Four is a three season camping tent. And based on the amount of mesh used in the canopy here, probably not going to be a good option for any sort of real cold weather camping. It does have a single front door and a full coverage rain fly with a ves-tibule that is created on the front. And you will see that the tent is a simple two pole de-sign. It is your classic wedge shape. And the tent uses DAC aluminum poles so you have got some lightweight, sturdy structure here. The tent body attaches to the pole structure through a series of clips. They are easy to work and very secure to the tent. Let me take a look here at the set up. Here is your grommet point where the pole is going to connect to the body of the temp. These are not color coded and they don’t need not be. You only have two poles and any pole point can go in any of the four corners of this tent. You can see here the half of the buckle. This is where the rain fly clips in. So it is real easy quick set up with the rain fly. And, of course, you have your webbing loop on then end here and stake to anchor to the ground. So the Grand Mesa Four only has one door on the front here, but it is a very large door. You can see the design here kind of opens the entire front of this tent up and there is a pocket on the inside here that allows you to stuff that door into it. So it is completely out of the way. It is not laying on the ground where people are going to trample over it. It gives you this huge opening at the front of the tent. It is going to be very easy to move gear in and out of the tent or have people moving in and out if the weather is good. And you have got this kind of fly off and the door folded back. So this really nice, comfortable opening on the front of the Grand Mesa Four. So I am sitting inside the tent and you can get a pretty good feel for what the space is like in here. I know it is a Grand Mesa Four and there is room to fit four 20 inch wide stand-ard sleeping pads side to side in here, but it is a very tight fit and I think if you were four people using this tent you would probably be a little too tight and I would consider this to be more for maybe three people or two people who wanted to bring their gear inside or have a pet with them. There are four pockets inside of this tent. There are hanging pockets here on the sides. You have two on this side and two on that side. They are quite deep. You can put a va-riety of stuff in there. So it gives you a way to kind of clear up the floor space and get little items into storage. This tent does not come with a gear loft, but there are tabs at the roof here, so you can purchase one separately and hang it up there. And there is obviously enough head space here that you could really load up a gear loft and not have it hanging low enough that people would be bumping their heads on it. There is a huge amount of mesh used in the canopy of this tent and it is going to be ex-ceptional for any sort of hot or human camping. Great breathability. Tons of air is going to move through this tent. And this is all that, like, no see them netting. So it is definitely going to protect you from bugs. And, of course, there is that full coverage fly you can add on if the weather is going to get bad. But the Grand Mesa Four is going to be a great option for any sort of hot weather camping. And if you have got a couple of people that can split up the weight, it is going to be a good option for backpacking as well. Grand Mesa Four comes with a full coverage rain fly. The seams are sealed. It is water-proof and ready to go. And you can see here there is a small vestibule created on the front. This is mostly offering protection over the door in the front of the tent. You could stow some small items underneath there, but it doesn’t allow for a large amount of stuff to be stowed there. It does offer protection across the front of the tent. So let’s take a look at the connection point of the tent and the poles. You can see here as your pole comes down it fits into a grommet. You have got your webbing piece here. The half of the {?} you see here is where the fly locks in and you have an adjustment point there. And, of course, you have your webbing loop that the stake goes through to anchor the entire thing to the ground. So take a closer look at the point at the edge of the tent body where the poles connect. You can see here there is a grommet and the pole fits into that easily. These webbing pieces are color coded. There are two silver and two orange and they do match up with t corners of the fly so you can see silver webbing matches with silver webbing. That way you know which corner of the fly goes where. And the buckle system you see here is how you connect the fly to the tent. It is a quick, fast tax buckle. And then you have an ad-justment point there. So you can pull tension on the fly. And, of course, you have a web-bing loop here at the end that you can anchor the stake through to anchor the whole things securely to the ground.