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Katadyn Vario

Video by Katadyn
Utilizing a combination of ceramic and fiberglass filters, the Katadyn Vario microfilter offers versatile, reliable performance for varied conditions.

Katadyn Vario Video

The Katadyn Vario uses new technology that is unique from other water filters. Most important, it is the only filter that is adjustable for different water conditions. In faster flow mode the Vario produces the most water, up to two liters per minute. If the water is dirty you can adjust the filter to longer life mode. This engages the ceramic pre filter disc which automatically protects the filter cartridge. The filter will last longer. You can easily adjust the filter depending on the water conditions. The Vario ceramic disc extends the life of the primary filter by trapping large dirt particles. The ceramic disk is easily cleaned to restore water flow. The Vario is highly rated as being easy to use. Simply place the pre filter in a water source and pump. The Vario’s unique dual piston technology provides up to twice as much water as other water filters. The Vario allows for quick and easy connection to almost any water container. It incorporates attachments to connect to hydration packs and screws directly on top of water bottles. The Vario is the only filter with a refillable carbon core. This feature reduces chemicals and improves the taste of water. Replicable carbon is important to keep you drinking water safe and fresh tasting. In summary, the Katadyn Vario is the most versatile water filter available. It is easy to use, makes a lot of water and can be adjusted for best performance in any water condition. It improves the taste of the water with a unique, replicable carbon core. Introduced in 2007, it is already one of the world’s best selling water filters.