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Katadyn Hiker Pro Quick Connect Attachments

The Katadyn Hiker Pro Quick Connect Attachments enhance the ease of filling a variety of water vessels with the Hiker Pro water filter. Gear Specialist Luke explains the convenient uses for the different attachments

Katadyn Hiker Pro Quick Connect Attachments

Quick Connect

The Quick Connect Attachment system allows you to connect or disconnect the intake and output hoses with ease.

Insert the end of the input hose hose with the connector into the quick release housing at the base of the filter. They will click together. 

The light grey button releases the connection.

Universal Bottle Adapter

Compatible with standard wide mouth bottles, the Universal Bottle Adapter sits inside the mouth of the bottle to stabilize the hose during the refill process.

Connect the Universal Bottle Adapter to the output hose for direct filling. Detach the adapter to use the output hose with other vessels. 

Hydration Reservoir Attachments

The Hiker Pro comes with a hydration system adapter as well, which allows the output hose to connect directly to a hydration reservoir for easy filling.  

The Quick Connect Hydration Reservoir Attachemtns will need to be installed on the hydration reservoir hose for compatability. The attachments are compatibile with most standard hydration reservoir hoses.