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Kahtoola MTN Series Snowshoe

Video by Kahtoola
Built for challenging winter conditions, the Kahtoola MTN Snowshoe tackles winter weather and offers a removable crampon that can be worn alone on ice.

Kahtoola MTN Series Snowshoe Video

Hi, I'm Danny Giovale from Kahtoola. We're up here in the San Francisco peaks above Flagstaff Arizona where Kahtoola is headquartered. We do our product testing up here and we're up here to give you a little video to give you an idea of the benefits of our step-in snowshoe. And we're going to show you a couple of reasons why it's really efficient to have a system that allows you to have traction only when you need it and then click into the snowshoe when you need it. So let's go check it out. Okay, so the snowshoes have served us really well down in the trees where the snow is softer and we needed the flotation, but now they're getting a little uncomfortable as we do this traverse on the hard packed. You don't need the flotation up here and snowshoes are very awkward as you traverse on any kind of snowshoe across a slope like this. So a real advantage of our system is the ability to click out and have that crampon on your foot and have the traction and be able to click back in when you need it again. So we're going to click out and we're going to head up and finish the climb up to the ridge and then if we need the snowshoes again, we'll be able to click back in. So we'll put these on our pack and we'll head on out. So we just came down this slope with the snowshoes off. So we just used our traction system, which is the nicest way to come down a slope that's soft like this and the snowshoes on that kind of a slope will let you slide a little too much. Now that we're getting into a lower angle with softer snow, it's much better to click back in so that's what we're going to do here. And off we go!