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Ibex Stretch Merino Glove Liners

Whether worn beneath bulkier gloves or as stand-alone protection, Ibex Stretch Merino Glove Liners offer warmth and comfort. Stretch Merino wool fabrication and flatlock seams ensure the comfort of these form-fitting gloves.

Ibex Stretch Merino Glove Liners Video

Whether you are wearing them alone, on a chilly day or in conjunction with other warmer gloves, the Ibex Stretch Merino Glove Liners are the perfect addition to your winter gear. They are very lightweight and stretchy, so just like wearing a base layer underneath of layers in the winter, these are just like that. So they are going to fit really nice and snug to your hand. They are going to give a lot of stretch and a lot of dexterity and, like I said, they work perfect as a standalone glove if you are doing high aerobic activities or you just need an extra layer of insulation there, but they also work really well with other gloves. So I have got another pair of Ibex gloves here and they fit really nicely inside. 

Let’s say you work up a sweat and you do need to just take off that outer layer, the glove liners underneath are still going to keep your hands nice and warm and insulated. They have a nice sweater knit material, so they are 100 percent wool, Ibex Merino New Zealand wool. So you have got really good quality materials here.  You have got flat lock seams all throughout the gloves. So it does fit really flat and nice along your hands and so if you are doing those aerobic activities or if you are wearing gloves over top you are not really going to feel those seams. So that is a really small attention to detail that makes a big difference. 

They are nice and lightweight. They pack down to be almost nothing. So if you do take them off and throw them in your backpack, they will pack down to be nice and small and they are just a great addition to either another pair of gloves or worn stand alone. They are the Ibex Stretch Merino Glove Liners.