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How to Take a Heavy Pack On and Off

Video by Backcountry Edge
This video provides simple instructions for safely and effectively taking a heavy backpack on and off.

How to Take a Heavy Pack On and Off

To lift a heavy pack up off the ground and onto your back, follow these simple steps:


1. Grab the haul loop in the back with one hand and one shoulder strap with the other hand.

2. Slide the pack up your leg while bending at the knee to make a “shelf” with your thigh for the pack to sit on.

3. Holding one strap with one hand, slide your other arm through the strap and lift the pack from underneath with that free hand.

4. Hoist the pack onto your back.


To take the heavy pack off your back, and get it to the ground do the following (essentially reversing the steps above):


1. Put one leg forward and bend at the knee to give create a “shelf.”

2. Take one arm out of one shoulder strap so that it hangs loose.

3. Grab the shoulder strap that’s still on your opposite arm, and use your free hand to hold underneath the bottom of the pack.

4. Twist the pack around your hips and set it on the thigh. 5. Pull your other arm out of the shoulder strap to grab the haul loop and other shoulder strap before sliding the pack down your leg to the ground.