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How to Set Up the Big Agnes Rabbit Ears 6

The Big Agnes Rabbit Ears 6 is a spacious and sturdy tent for the whole family. Because it is so roomy, having a partner while setting up certainly doesn’t hurt. Follow along as Gear Specialist Becky provides some helpful hints on setting up this tent.

How to Set Up the Big Agnes Rabbit Ears 6

Prep your Space

Prep your space

Select an area that will accommodate the full floor space of the tent, and is free of rocks or other sharp debris.

Stake out all four corners. The tent is completely freestanding, but for a tent of this size, securing the base will significantly increase the ease of set up and help secure the tent during use.

Orient the tent so that the two grey corners are at the front and the two green corners are at the rear. 

Raise the Poles                 

Raise the poles

Assemble the poles and feed the two longest poles through the sleeves in the center of the tent ceiling. Make sure that they are centered before attempting to stand them up. If they are too far one way or the other, it can cause undue pressure on the fabric.

Note that the poles have a bend in them to accommodate the angles of tent. They are intentional, so make sure that when raising the poles, you are arcing the poles in the same direction as the factory bend.

Clip all the black clips on the tent body to the pole structure.

Deploy the Rainfly

For convenience, the rainfly is color coded to match the clips on the floor. Orient the fly to pair the green corners together and the grey corners together.

The browpole attaches to the rainfly

The brow pole connects to the rainfly itself, rather than the tent body. You can either pitch the rainfly first, or secure the brow pole to the underside of the rainfly before centering it over the tent.

Helpful Hint: Wait to secure and tighten the corners of the fly until after you’ve attached the Velcro tabs to the poles. This way, you can reach all the Velcro straps and make sure the fly is centered before tightening.