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How to Set Up the NEMO Wagontop 6P Tent

Despite the impressive size, Nemo has configured the Wagontop 6P tent to utilize as few cumbersome pieces as possible. Hubbed poles, an integrated rainfly, and sewn in instructions make the construction of a tent this size surprisingly simple. Follow along as Gear Specialist Becky explains the set up process.

How to Set Up the NEMO Wagontop 6P Tent

Stake out the floor

Secure the Floor

Stake out all four corners with the vestibule folded back to provide easy access to stake out points. In addition to the corners, there are two more stake out points on either side.

Construct the Poles

Clip the body to the poles

There are two identical hubbed poles that create a wishbone, or Y, shape on each end. On each Y shaped pole, one of the legs is shorter than the other. Starting with one of the pole sets, insert the two shorter ends into the grommets on either side of the front door. The two longer ends go in the grommet second from the rear. Use the other pole to mirror the configuration from the back so that they face one another.

Raise the Tent

Starting from the bottom, clip the body of the tent to the poles. The clips may slide down in the beginning, but as you work your way up, the body will move up the poles with you..

The third pole is to go through the sleeve at the base of the tent fly. Route the pole through the sleeve and insert each end into the grommets at the base of the tent.

Role the vestibule over the front door to stake out.

Helpful Hint: Wait to secure and tighten the corners of the fly until after you’ve attached the Velcro tabs to the poles. This way, you can reach all the Velcro straps and make sure the fly is centered before tightening.

* Nemo includes additional guylines, which are recommended to help stabilize the tent. The size and shape of the tent are well suited for additional stabilization in inclement weather.