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How to Set Up the MSR Hubba NX Tent

Free standing tents often require extra poles and complexity to stand on their own. But with the MSR Hubba NX, you do not need to sacrifice weight or convenience for a free-standing tent. In this video, Gear Specialist Luke demonstrates how quick and simple it is to set up the MSR Hubba NX.

How to Set Up the MSR Hubba NX Tent

Assemble the poles

This tent only requires one pole, but it accomplishes a lot with 3 hubs. Assemble the poles and insert both ends of the “Y” shaped pole into the two corners on each end. Since the pole is symmetrical, it does not matter which end you address first.

Helpful Hint: While staking out the corners is optional, it will make the set up easier when inserting the poles.

Or, if you’ve left the stakes at home to save some weight, you can secure the corner by holding down the webbing with your foot while inserting the pole.

Make Some Room

Orient the brow pole horizontally and insert into the two grommets in the center of the tent ceiling.  You can now attach the clips of the tent body to the poles, starting from the center and working outward.          

Stay Dry

To take the guesswork out of the rain fly, the attachment points are color coded to match the webbing at the corners of the base. Throw the rain fly over the tent and secure the red loops under the poles inserted into red webbing and the grey loops under the poles inserted into grey webbing. Once secured, you can tension the fly to your liking.

While technically free standing, the fly is most efficient went staked out in front. Get the perfect pitch by staking out the vestibules with the fly closed to ensure the proper angle and tension. It can then be opened, but should weather mandate, you can close it up without needing to make adjustments.