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How to Set Up the MSR Flylite Tent

The MSR Flylite saves weight and pack space by using two trekking poles for structure rather than additional tent poles. Gear Specialist Luke demonstrates how to quickly and easily achieve a solid pitch in this set up video.

How to Set Up the MSR Flylite Tent

Stake it Out

Stake out all 4 corners evenly and tightly. You do need to leave a little bit of give so that the poles can be erected without causing too much tension. 

Raise the Poles

Use two trekking poles for the structure of the Flylite 2

Insert the handles of your trekking poles into the pockets on either side of the door and stand them up, tip down. 

Helpful Hint: Setting the trekking poles at a slight outward angle will help them maintain a taut pitch overhead. 

Luke recommends a height of 125 cm to take full advantage of the vertical allowance, without putting undue stress on the seams. 

Secure the Fly

Secure the awning to the side for maximum stability and protection

Insert one end of the small two section pole into the grommet at the back of the tent and the other into the sleeve in the back of the tent body. Use the guyline to stand the pole up straight and stake into the ground. Two additional guyout points at the front corners will engage the rain fly and create the front awning. 

The wings will be the most efficient when pulled out towards the sides more so than the front. This adds more stability to the trekking poles and tensions the front awning to effectively ward off foul weather.