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How to Set Up the Marmot Colfax Tent Series

With the versatility to use as a traditional tent or as a sunshade, the Marmot Colfax series of tents offer multiple uses for any environment. In this video, Gear Specialist Becky demonstrates the set up for the traditional camping use of a Colfax tent.

How to Set Up the Marmot Colfax Tent Series

Match the red tabs on the tent floor with the red tabs on the footprint

1. Stake it Out

Lay out the included footprint with the two red tabs facing upwards and towards the front. Line up the floor tent with the footprint by pairing the red tabs together, and stake them both down.

Helpful Hint: The stakes secure the footprint and floor via the bungees at each corner, not through the grommets. You'll need those for the poles.

2. Raise the Poles

Assemble the poles and insert each end into a corner grommet. Clip the body to the poles starting with the centermost black clip and working outward with the yellow clips.

Note: Marmot installed a bend in the poles to accommodate the angles of tent. They are intentional, so make sure that as you raise the poles, you arc the poles in the same direction as the factory bend.

Central hub clip

Lay the green brow pole over the top and attach each end to the grommet at the front and back of the tent ceiling.

Becky recommends moving the center black clip from the yellow pole to the green pole in order to create a stable intersection at the apex.

3. Deploy the Rainfly

For convenience, the rainfly is color coded to match the clips on the floor. Orient the fly to pair the two corners with the red tabs to the front two corners of the tent and clip the buckles. 

Helpful Hint: Wait to secure and tighten the corners of the fly until after you’ve attached the Velcro tabs to the poles and staked out the vestibule. This way, you can reach all the Velcro straps and make sure the fly is centered before tightening.

The vestibule can either be opened or removed completely. There are two zippers, so to remove the vestibule, start at one end and go the whole way across. When reattaching, pair the ends of the zipper that have the green tabs.