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How to Set Up LEKI Micro Vario Trekking Poles

Learn how to set up and adjust LEKI's Micro Vario style trekking poles.

How to Set Up LEKI Micro Vario Trekking Poles Video

Setting up Leki Micro Vario poles is easy once you understand all the parts and all the mechanics of the pole. So we want to go through and just show how simple and easy set up is.  

Starting with the different sections, you have got five separate sections here. The top section contains the grip.  The section below that is underneath of the lock. So this is the part that is going to allow you to make the pole longer and shorter. And then you have y our three shaft sections that are the collapsible part.

So starting from the beginning I am just going to collapse the pole down. And there is a central cord that runs through all the sections here.  This cord needs to be tensioned in order for the trekking pole to have stability and rigidity. It also allows it to be pack down and be really small. So once you set up all the shaft sections they just go into each other really easily like that.  You have to tension that central cord. And what I do is I find the two sections, the one underneath of the grip. So there is a section here and the top section of the three shafts. And all you have to do is pull apart on those sections until you hear a positive click. There is a little button inside of this middle shaft section that tensions that central cord and it is going to give the stability.

So the first time you set this up if you have never set up a Leki Micro Vario pole before, you may have to pull a little bit harder than you think you should in order to get that but-ton to expose itself. But once you do, you pull on that and you can see the button there. And then these shaft sections are set up. They are secure. They are not going anywhere. And that allows you to be able to adjust the pole.