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How to Set Up LEKI Micro Vario Carbon Max Trekking Poles

With the ability to collapse down small and expand in a flash, the Leki Micro Vario style trekking poles share a unique design and construction that makes them easy to use and maintain. Gear Specialist Luke demonstrates how to set up and care for your poles.

How to Set Up LEKI Micro Vario Trekking Poles

1. Connect

Connect the three lower portions by inserting them end to end, much like you would tent poles. The connecting cord will still be slack at this point but should be inside the pole.

2. Secure

To secure the pieces and tension the inner cord, grasp the top segment just below the Speed Lock and pull away from the handle. Go ahead- pull hard! Once the internal locking button pops into place, the pole is secure. You should hear a positive click.

Helpful Hint: Luke saves a bunch of time and effort by simply holding the pole up so all the segments dangle in line and pulling the top segment away from the handle until it clicks into place. If the pieces are lined up, they will connect themselves!

3. Adjust

The uppermost telescoping segment is adjustable via the proprietary SpeedLock mechanism. Opening the “lever” on the Speed Lock allows you to adjust to the ideal height and closing it will secure it in place.

Helpful Hint: The tightness of the locking mechanism itself is also adjustable. If the lock is tensioned too tight, you may not be able to close the lever completely. If it is too loose, it will not secure your pole. To adjust, open the lock completely and use your thumb to rotate the fine-tuner wheel to loosen or tighten the SpeedLock appropriately

4. Customize

Length: To find your perfect fit, you’ll want to find the length that allows you to grasp the handle with your elbow at an approximate 90 degree angle. Once you know your preferred length, you can default to the corresponding centimeter marking on your poles.

Bonus: These poles feature an extended grip that descends below the handle. When ascending steeply, you may find that a shortened pole feels more natural. Move your hand to the lower grip to avoid the need to stop and adjust your poles.

Strap: The wrist straps also adjust with ease. Pull the straps upward until the locking mechanism clicks open. Then you can adjust the length and pull downward to secure into place