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How to Set Up the Kelty TN Series Tents

The tents in the Kelty TN series are a family of sturdy, freestanding tents for 2-4 people. They set up and break down quickly and easily, and pack down small into the included Tent Cube to stay organized and save space. Gear Specialist Becky demonstrates the convenient feature and design of the Kelty TN series in this set-up video.

How to Set Up the Kelty TN Series Tents

Stake Out The Corners

As is the case with most freestanding tents, staking out the base is optional. While it will provide more stability and ease when pitching, it is entirely possible to leave the stakes behind completely.

If you do choose to stake down the tent, start by laying out the footprint in an area free of rocks or sharp debris. Line up the floor of the tent to match the footprint widthwise and stake the two down together in the four corners. 

Erect the Poles

To take the guesswork out of the pole positioning, Kelty utilizes color coding in the pole set up. Set aside the smallest, green pole for later.

Lay the poles out with the center hub facing down and the green ends of the poles lined up with the green webbing in the corners of the floor. Insert the ends of the poles into the color-matched grommets, one side at a time.

Raise the Body

Kelty hub and brow pole

Once the poles are up, raise the tent body by connecting the centermost clip to the main hub at the apex of the ridge pole.

Helpful Hint: Kelty employs unique “hug clips” that wrap around pole to secure. Start by attaching one end of the clip and twist to connect the other end.

The wholly green brow pole will lie across the top and connect to the green webbing on both sides of the tent ceiling.

Deploy the Rainfly

Again, the rainfly features the same color coding as the poles. Orient the fly to pair the green corners together and the grey corners together.

Wait to secure and tighten the corners of the fly until after you've attached the Velcro tabs to the poles

Helpful Hint: Wait to secure and tighten the corners of the fly until after you’ve attached the Velcro tabs to the poles. This way, you can reach all the Velcro straps and make sure the fly is centered before tightening.