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How To Set Up the Exped Mira III HL Tent

The Exped Mira III HL achieves its roomy interior with strategically placed poles and guylines. In this video, Gear Specialist Luke demonstrates how to set up the Mira III.

How To Set Up the Exped Mira III HL Tent

Stake It Out

Only one end of the tent truly needs staked down, but you can secure all four corners to enhance the ease of setup. Make sure that, at a minimum, the two grey corners at the foot of the tent are staked out securely before moving on to the poles.

Pair the Color Coded Poles

Color Coded Poles

Each pole is a different color and is paired with a sleeve that is color coded to match. When inserting the poles into their corresponding sleeves, make sure that the sleeve is centered on the pole before creating the arch in order to eliminate excess stress on the seam.

Luke recommends starting with the grey pole, or ridge pole, followed by the orange pole at the head of the tent, and lastly the blue brow pole.

Deploy the Rainfly

Once the poles are set up, you can perfect the pitch by staking down the head of the tent and tensioning the corners appropriately. Continue to follow the color coding by lining up the orange buckles on the fly with the orange webbing on the floor, and do the same with the grey buckles.

Helpful Hint: Stake out the vestibule with the door of the rainfly closed in order to create just the right angle and tension. It can then be opened, but if necessary the door be closed later without the need to adjust the stakes.