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How to Set Up the Eureka Sunrise EX 6 Tent

The Eureka Sunrise EX 6 tent has abundant space and storage for the whole family. Because it is so roomy, having a partner while setting up certainly doesn’t hurt. Follow along as Gear Specialist Becky walks through the steps of setting up the Eureka Sunrise.

How to Set Up the Eureka Sunrise EX 6 Tent


Select an area that will accommodate the full floor space of the tent, and is free of rocks or other sharp debris. 

Stake out all four corners. The tent is completely freestanding, but for a tent of this size, securing the base will significantly increase the ease of set up and help secure the tent during use. 

Assemble the poles and ensure that each section is completely inserted into the neighboring section to prevent damage to the poles.  

Set (up)….

Starting with the two black poles, lay them in an X on top of the tent body and insert each end into the corner grommets.

After clipping the body to the poles, lay the one of the shorter poles over the top insert each end into the grommets in the webbing over the doors. Follow suit with the remaining pole so that it connects above the windows.  


The rainfly has a hook attached with a bungee cord to each corner. After centering the fly over the tent, connect each hook to a corner at the bottom of the poles.

The underside of the rainfly is fitted with grey pockets that will pair with the four ends of the cross poles.